31 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 37

    • It was an entirely canon movie tie-in episode, and good enough to be worth watching even if it wasn’t in our opinions!

      Don’t discard it because of its premise, it’s deserving of a place in the show.

      • Well, I say non-canon because in every Kamen Rider they have a movie tie-in episode and then the next episode it never happened. Sort of the opposite in Sentai series. Suddenly they’re talking about character I’ve never heard of. lol

      • Shotaro and Sochiki rocked the fedora with style, though. Micchy’s just a spoiled rich kid who whines about how he’s such a nice guy, and he’s the one who deserves Mai.

  1. Oh look hase survives in the soccer world it makes sense no helhiem fruit for him to eat and That preview they tried to cut it much as they could but you get the quickest glimpse of taka yayy.

    • I was honestly shocked they even remembered hase was a character and invited him back for the episode/movie if that wasn’t clear.

  2. I hope they give Kaito some better powers. He needs his own energy lockseed like Banana Energy!

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