About Us

Hi there, and welcome to Æsir. Æsir is a group of crazy people dedicated who can sometimes be bothered to bring you fabulous subs composed of maximum fabulous.

Æsir’s team for Gaim is comprised of the following losers:

Editor, QC, Songstress Supreme
Our unofficial ‘Queen of QC.’ Only tolerates us because she is incapable of disliking anything.

Translator, Genius, Chief of Annoying /m/
Translated Sacred Seven and Aquarion EVOL, hence has impeccable taste.

Encoder, Distrolord, Consonant Capitalizer
Possesses the mysterious gift to encode and upload things so fast, he finishes before he even started.

Translator, Typesetter, Fabulousness Dispenser
Robot fanboy. The only one of the group who watches Fourze for the fashion tips.

Timer v1, QC, Nadeshiko Obsessive
Works on SHT, but his heart always lies on TV Tokyo with Pokemon…

Timer v2, Morning Rescue, Robots Marathoner
Timed Kamen Rider Wizard and Ultraman Ginga, hence has impeccable taste.

We also have some merry friends from across the stratosphere who join us in our epic quest to fansub stuff in fabulous style. Behold their mirth:

Distrolord and Seeding Master the Second
Doesn’t like my romantic poetry :(

Japanese History Expert
Makes sure we don’t do anything so stupid with Japanese culture that we have to shoot ourselves in both feet.

Mistress of the Red Pen
I write things, and occasionally she likes them. Those are the days I don’t get beaten.

The original version of this page is preserved here to honor our slightly less homoerotic comrades.

As is its follow-up.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just so you know, I always read the little comments put at the halfway video transition for Yes!Precure 5 ! real funny :)

  2. I just wanted to take a minute to stop and say how awesome you all are and thank you for all the work you’ve done to allow me to watch homoerotic japanese children’s programming.

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