Kamen Rider Gaim – 38

Unlike Sonic Arrows he don't chuckle, he only flexes his muscles.

Unlike Sonic Arrows he don’t chuckle, he only flexes his muscles.

HDv2 Torrent | SD Torrent | Script | Raw to v2 Patch

Just a note: about nine and a half minutes into the episode there’s a little beep from the original broadcaster airing a flood warning. There’s nothing we can really do about it, so alas we’re kind of stuck with it (the horrors of TV airings!) but just so people know.

Anyway, enjoy the episode!

EXCITING v2 FUNTIME (v1 to v2 patch – use only if you downloaded the old v1 (i.e. not marked ‘v2’) HD)

Yes that’s right, this week we fucked everything up! Absolutely everything! Because we are talented people. The SD already has these changes and is unaffected:


  • Fixed the OP timing so “main” lyric lines didn’t overlap each other
  • Remembered to actually sub Zack shouting “Transform!” at 6:06
  • Had a big argument about the merits of literal vs idiomatic interpretations of the word “snake” in Redue’s line at 9:59 and settled on going literal with a view to blaming Magenta if it doesn’t pan out

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

31 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 38

  1. You missed Orange Au Lait during the fight with Duke. You can hear Orange Au Lait and Jinba Lemon Au Lait, but you only wrote Lemon Raiment Au Lait. Minor thing.

    • If you can hear both clearly and they don’t need to be translated, I’m not sure why they’d both need to be subbed.

  2. I’d say that since Kouta got Kiwami Arms, he had achieved nothing, only had beaten Demushu. Then get her sister captured. Fought countless time with Micchy with no outcome, get Mai captured(again). He basically do nothing except running and worrying too much.
    And then Sagara said Kouta has found his determination and able to beat Kaito. But then both got owned by the crazy slightly smart Micchy who’s being trolled by his brother, Takatora. WTF?

  3. Another reason Kaito needs more power. Getting beat by Micchy? Really? How does Lemon Energy and Kiwami Arms get beat by him? Yes, he’s using Zangetsu Shin, but still.

    • Don’t forget that Kaito is wounded, and might just be putting on a strong face. As for Kouta, he’s still holding to his belief that Micchy can be turned.

      Where as Micchy has just let it all go already. He has Mai he probably isn’t going to care about anything or anyone else anymore… until she gets in his way…

      • I think Micchy suddenly becoming good at fighting is symbolic of him “stepping out of his brothers shadow”. Before, he was using the Genesis Driver to make people think he was Takatora. He was literally an imitation of his brother. But now that he’s killed the original and broken the old suit, he’s finally become the ‘real’ Zangetsu with all the badassery that title implies.

  4. Micchy’s probably crazy enough to end up being the big bad at the end and maybe become an Overlord himself.

  5. Look at that crazy train go… I guess that’s how they are going to keep taka around even though he is ” gone” I know ryouma was mia because of his actor being away but no explanation or anything was a let down unless one is revealed later.”

  6. So, Zangetsu finally fulfilled his prophecy of being the Ouja of this series.

    Love it!

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