44 thoughts on “Kamen MELONBOWL Gaim – 36

  1. TOTALLY don’t have anything important in this one. Just a filler episode, it seems.

  2. So I have been submitting Gaim torrents to tosho since you guys stopped, and I wondered if that was okay going forward? I know there are groups that don’t want to use tosho.

      • Okay, thanks. Not sure why there’s a boycott on tosho with fansubbers, but I wanted to be respectful. I actually asked before probably at episode 19.

  3. Not going to assume dead until I see a corpse. Or an explosion. Or the victim being crushed between a cliff.

      • Still not sure whether to file that under the same category as the first few minutes of Gurren Laggan, really. Only time will tell.

    • Having watched Kamen Rider ɸs, I have an inbuilt assumption that anyone who “dies” by falling into water is inherently and automatically not really dead. Falling into the water trumps all death flags.

  4. All these 2″ guys walking around like they have the biggest balls on earth. Gotta love Jp. Oh and Finally! Kaito wears a NEW shirt beneath his old jacket.

  5. “It’s a weak conclusion. I mean, sure he just watched as his brother, who had just agreed to help us, was murdered. And shot Kouta in the back. And played us for saps for weeks. And tried to murder kouta, like, ten times. And went on about how he’s working for the Overlords now and how Kouta and anyone who stands in his way is an enemy. And talked about how only the worthy would survive like some kind of maniac. But that doesn’t mean he’s our enemy!”

    • I’m pretty sure micchy is going to save him Im not sure if it will be resolved next week or not kinda looks like the are doing another special but this one involving soccer ? There’s been to many specials this season its getting annoying.

    • What’s fudin my logic is that, Micchy didn’t know that his brother is alive. He’d seen Sid dead so i thought he must know his brother being kept by Roshuo. I mean sure takatora wouldn’t see him but Micchy should have.

        • So he just leave Sid (without knowing his DOA) and make a new pact with redue after all they’ve gone through (not so much). Ok, mich is already so bullshit to begin with.

  6. My friend didn’t even realize this was the download for Gaim 36. Good joke but maybe obtuse for non-Aesir fanatics :’)

    • Yeah, same here. Only today (07-08) I realized that it was not a sub for a (new) random anime. Have been checking since sunday. So today I just thought “Well, that´s really weird for them, they are, like, super fast and stuff…” :)
      Lame/shame on me!

      • Dude, you must didn’t really watch gaim if you don’t catch that melon reference.

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