Smile Precure – 01 Released

we're off to a fantastic start

HD Torrent
| SD TorrentScript

So, this is a thing. I honestly don’t know why it’s a thing. You might be saying, hey, Aesir, good track record with Precure. Yeah, probably expect this to be no different.

But no, seriously, I was originally just going to be editing this and got bumped into translating it. Not sure if I actually wanna keep that up side-by-side with Fourze – and Go-Busters is coming up if us losers at O-T decide to do it. It’s all sounding a lot like hard work.

So take this as it comes, I guess, and enjoy.

One translation note: Akane makes a terrible joke, in the Japanese, about how Miyuki must have a brother who loves stargazing called “Hoshizora Mitarou”. This is a perfectly valid name, but taken as a sentence means “Looking at the starry sky.”, hence the joke. It’s a bad joke. It’s impossible to make it work in English without translating the main character’s name. I hope the solution Phosphatide suggested makes you all happy. :3

Anyway, I have Gokai and Fourze to go work on. Don’t worry, I will be giving Fourze my #1 priority, but things got delayed this week so I couldn’t have worked on it yesterday anyway. Also, I hear it has more atrocious wordplay? That’s always great.

DDL-wise, that tends to be the domain of CureCom, so I’ll leave when to start putting DDLs up again to Gecko’s better judgement. The eps are available from the [Precure]AllStars XDCC bot, though, which you can find in either our IRC channel or #precure on the same network.

[06/02/12 – 08:33:13] <+tootbrush> Magenta, there’s a line that didn’t make it through your aggressive rewording practices unharmed
[06/02/12 – 08:38:20] <~Magenta> which D:
[06/02/12 – 08:38:21] <+tootbrush> Dialogue: 0,0:14:17.24,0:14:18.89,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,I’ll protect her! Anyone decent person would!
[06/02/12 – 08:38:37] <~Magenta> …whoops, lol

7 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 01 Released

  1. I didn’t expect that you will do Smile Precure!

    It’s a great show. (Terms of Chatacter, it’s basically my favorite 3)

    Would love to see more options other than Doremi and Curecom. Thanks AEsir

    Your script is always nice

  2. I would have been more surprised if you HADN’T picked this up, what with it being a Precure written by the guys who do Kamen Rider.

  3. Hey, thanks for swinging by our place. ^_^

    It’s always nice to hear from other groups.

    Good luck on Smile Precure! You’ll probably be staying ahead of us on it ;)

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