34 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 34

      • Are there any words on what exactly led to them making this conclusion? Except for the whole “Watashi” thing, because there are males in japanese fiction that use Watashi… And they all happen to be similar to Redue in mannerism.

        • There’s a magazine scan that specifically calls Redue a female Overlord. Magazines _can_ be wrong because they’re not directly official, but Redue’s design is heavily based on historical Chinese empresses, so without evidence to the contrary we’re gonna roll with it.

  1. with every passing episode i want to punch micchy even more also i know they arent but it FEELS like the episodes are kinda short ya know like they bombard us with new stuff and just drag the old stuff on instead of finishing em up

    • Well, at least it’s a Japanese series, so you know they have a definite end point in sight, unless US series which just keep planting seeds hoping so they can tell the tale if they get renewed..

      Also, feeling that the episodes are too short means the show is just so good that you don’t realize how much time has passed! ;)

      Also, don’t forget that it IS still a toy commercial so you got to have them fight scenes! :P

      • to be honest apart from the plot the fighting scenes are the core of toku shows soo yeah + most of em are pretty epic also finding out that overlord was a female made me “wat” a lot…

    • Apparently the official name is Mars. I guess it’s one of those Japanese wordplay jokes that doesn’t really work well in translation.

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