Kamen Rider Gaim – 01

So begins the Warring Era of Riders...

So begins the Warring Era of Riders…

So, surprise! Aesir has risen from a deep slumber to work on the newest Kamen Rider series. (of which our name actually ties into the themes of the show, who’d have guessed?!) We’ve brought with us 2 members of Over-Time’s team in Caphi and MegaAnon, in addition to founding members Magenta and myself on this new journey together.

For those of you new to Aesir, welcome and for those of you new to the Kamen Rider series, welcome as well! This is a new adventure for all of us and one we’re all hoping is a fun journey as well.

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script | Patch | Metafile for OT’s Kyoryuger 32 and our Gaim 01 (put all 3 files into the same folder and watch the magic happen)

If you wanna use the Scripts for this show, you’ll probably also want the fonts. We’ll let you know if we add any more important ones as the show goes on. These are, like the script, obviously muxed into releases already though so if you’re downloading the actual releases as opposed to the raws just ignore this entire line.

Since this is our first release, have a link to OT’s Kyoryuger this week as well! Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger 32

Join us after the jump for more about our new venture into the world of Gaim!

The goal of our releases are two-fold really; the first being that we aim to have timely, well written Fruit Samurais for you to watch every week. We don’t set a time for release because we all have lives and obligations to meet – Gaim will be out when it’s out and ready and no sooner than that. The second goal is that we’re doing this for fun. Not because we feel obligated, not because of any sort of pressure, but because we want to do this. We hold the right that if this show somewhere along the way ends up heading towards Smile territory, that we can and may drop it. (And if you’ve been following Aesir long enough, you should already know that this is our philosophy on things)

So, Episode 1 – in which we find the strange new world of Kamen Rider Gaim. Where will this new journey lead him? (and by proxy, all of us as well)

As with Over-Time before us, we have multiple ways to get in touch with us. We’re linked from Over-Time’s site sidebar and they are also have a link to us in their sidebar, so 1 click either direction can get you your OT projects as well as Kamen Rider Gaim from us. We also have an RSS feed so you can be notified as soon as we have a release for you! In addition, we’ve resurrected the Aesir twitter @AesirSubs for release announcements and various subbing news, so feel free to follow us! As always, we appreciate any DDLs of our releases, so please post them under the specified DDL post comment below.

The warring Riders’ journey begins with this new step and we’re excited to be apart of it! Kamen Rider Gaim has arrived!

(not sneak note: Gaim next week may be delayed due to the entire team involved in Imbess battling, a friendly warning!)

78 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 01

  1. What does Meta File do? Wizard scared me from having anything to do with magic! Putting his hand down there, reaching his hands who else knows where?!?! DONUTS!! *shudders*

    • The Meta File is something you put in the same folder with OT’s Kyoryuger 32 and our Gaim 01. Click on the meta file and let it play; the rest should be magic!

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  3. First time posting here. I thought that login is needed but it’s not needed.. Hello guys. Hello Aesir.

  4. I like it. I hope it continues to center on how oranges be dancing one way, but douchey red bananas be dancing another. And how they’d probably get along if not for star wars chess monsters being all kinds of collectible.

  5. You lied to me, Magenta! Over in one of Over-Time’s comment sections, I think it was for Ultraman Ginga, you told me you weren’t doing this! Great to see that Aesir is back for more Kamen Rider. Thanks!

    • The streaming service Daisuki did a poll recently asking what series people wanted subbed, and Dendoh was on there, which I assume means they at least have the license to it even if they’re not doing anything with it immediately. As such my thought is to hold off and prioritize other things.

      • Ah, I see. Too bad, cuz I’d definitely prefer your lovely subs more. :|

        Thanks for subbing this show, anyway.

  6. Excellent work, as always. I loved your Fourze subs, and it’s awesome to see more beautifully written and set Rider.
    As a sub project, hopefully it’ll be more like Fourze and less like Smile on your end!

  7. So there’s a thing that’s confusing me: are we not supposed to know about Kamen Rider Griton or something? The SHT stuff mentions/shows him, but he’s not in the opening.

    • I think Griton will be the secondary main rider. just like Gattack in Kabuto (appear after TheBee, Drake, Sasword) or Leangle in Blade (appear last).

      • Kamen Rider Griton might be Yuuya, I guess. Since he’s the only one with a sengoku driver that is not shown on the OP

      • No Baron is the secondary rider type. He’s Gaim’s main rival and Gritton is seen with Baron in the opening battle

  8. Personally, I’m switching over to TV-N. Reason 1: Their translations have leveled-up considerably since the last time I tried to watch them. Reason 2: They don’t jam stupid puns in where they don’t belong. Reason 3: Their translator isn’t a scumbag who makes dumb jokes about people’s untimely deaths.

    holy shit
    Tomoyuki Dan died.
    …you just heard?
    Yeah he died.
    Wonder what they’re going to do with Ishikawa in Arise now
    Apparently he’d been feeling under the WEATHER

  9. Well, seems like a good time to go back to watching Kamen Rider! Haven’t watched since half of Ryuuki, but… Let’s do this! *watches the episode* … You blew it up! YOU BLEW IT ALL TO HELL!

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