Oyaji no Blues

A Father’s Blues

Romaji Lyrics English Translation

Itsu no hi ka kimi wa habataiteyuku
Sora ga aoi koto wo negau
But you know, douse tobu nara
Jibun dake no
If you fall, chikara de tobe yo
Gomakashitari sezu ni

Kimi ga aruku ima wo daiji ni
Kasanete yuke, oh yeah
Always be true to yourself

One day, you’re gonna soar out into that vast sky
Hoping beyond hope there’ll be no clouds in your path
But you know, if you’re gonna fly,
It’s with your own wings
If you fall, get yourself back up,
And don’t compromise who you are

So treasure the moment, as you live your life
And let it all build up to make you who you are, oh yeah
Always be true to yourself

Compared to Love is Overdrive, this is a much more relaxed and calm song, so this one was easy to decipher at the time of airing – which means I could just reuse my translation from ep 36 verbatim, hooray. It’s a rather nice, simple song, but powerful I think.

I was actually very tempted to put in the still from the end of ep 36 here as an image, but I felt that might be a bit spoilery for people who stumble upon this before having seen the episode. Just remember it, though, and keep JK’s story and song in your mind~

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