Noa – Kiseki wo sono te ni

Noa – The miracle in your hands

Romaji Lyrics English “Translation”

Noa, sore wa taiko kara no yakusoku
Kiseki no shisha, Noa!

Machi ga moeteru, sora ga saketeku
Buki wo furikazasu orokana monotachi yo
Kizutsukeru mono wa sutete
Kokoro iyasu tame ni kimi no te wo kashitekure
Kurayami ga areba koso
Hikari wa kagayaku sono te ni

Noa! Noa! Inochi wo shizuka ni moyashi
Noa! Noa! Atarashii sekai wo misetekure

Hoshi ga naiteru, kaze ga furueru
Ai wo wasurekaketa orokana monotachi yo
Tatakai no yoru wo koete
Yume wo tsunagu tame ni sono chikara kashitekure
Dare ni demo yadoru hazu
Shinpi no hikari wa kokoro ni

Noa! Noa! Kobushi wo hiraki sashidase
Noa! Noa! Kimi naraba sukueru aoi hoshi

Noa! Noa! Kiseki mo daremo ga shinji
Noa! Noa! Eien no yuuki wo misetekure

Noa, a promise passed across the ages
The miracle messenger, Noa!

The city lies in flames, the sky ripped asunder
These fools cling so desperately to their weapons
Help them cast aside their tools of violence
Lend them a hand to heal their wounded hearts
It’s because the darkness runs so deep
That the light in your hands shines so bright

Noa! Noa! Your passionate soul quietly roars!
Noa! Noa! Show us a better world!

The stars are crying out, the very wind trembles
These fools have forgotten what love is
Help them move past this fighting
And lend them a hand to realize their dreams
Deep within everyone’s hearts, I know
That a holy light shines so bright

Noa! Noa! Unclench your fist and offer your hand
Noa! Noa! You can save our blue planet!

Noa! Noa! We all believe in your miracles
Noa! Noa! Now show us your eternal courage!

Turns out that Project D.M.M. – the band that does all the Ultraman songs of late – is short for “Dream Miracle Messenger”, with “miracle messenger” seemingly being a direct translation of the “kiseki no shisha” line in this song. Who am I to argue with some fantastic Engrish?

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2 thoughts on “Noa – Kiseki wo sono te ni

  1. Geez, thanks
    I’m so grateful you posted this, I’ve a question tho: Why is this theme a thing in the first place?
    Like… I’ve watched the whole Ultraman Nexus series, but not even a instrumental of this may be heared ._.
    Well, then again, thank you so much

    • Probably was intended for the original script for Nexus and Noa’s battle but due to the low ratings, they had to be scrapped. At least that’s what I think, can’t say this song isn’t worth it though because it is.

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