Love is Overdrive

Romaji Lyrics English Translation

Taisetsu na koto wa
Ima yori mirai nanda
Muimi na yuujou
Tsuzukeru gimu nante nai
Mimi no ana kappojite
Ore-tachi no oto wo kike
What’s your dream? Kanaeru tame ni
Sentaku wo misuru na

Kansei wo, eikou wo baby!
Gimme some more! Gimme some more!
Ore wa akirameru you na hema wa shinai!

Love is Overdrive, makeinu ni wa naranai
Love is Overdrive, subete wo te ni ireteyaru
Love is Overdrive, nanika wo eru tame ni
Nanika wo suteru to shitara “ima” wo suteru

The future’s more important
Than now could ever be
So why should I keep putting up
With you and your stupid friendship
Just clean out your ears
And get listenin’ to our song!
What’s your dream? If you wanna make it happen,
You can’t pull any punches

So gimme some more love,
Gimme some more fame!
‘Cause I ain’t ever giving up on making this happen!

Love is Overdrive, and I ain’t gonna lose out
Love is Overdrive, I’m gonna make everything mine
Love is Overdrive, and if I have to give something up
To make that happen, I’ll give up what I have now

This might look a bit different to the translation as written in ep 35. That’s pretty much because we didn’t have official lyrics back then, and trying to work out what the lyrics to the song actually were – by ear, with Capricorn wailing away on his guitar over the top – was rather an exercise in guesswork.

But there we go. Enjoy it now, at least!

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