Ganbare, Hayabusa-kun

Go for it, Hayabusa!

Romaji Lyrics English Translation

Boku no namae wa Hayabusa-kun
Hayai kedo busaku wa nai ze
Don to koi koi taiyoufuu
Chikyuu no minna ga oikaze da
Kurai uchuu demo
Kibou ga miereba gaman suru

Hayabusa-kun! Hayabusa-kun!
Uchuu no kanata de rendezvous
Hayabusa-kun! Hayabusa-kun!
Iroiro atte, hoshi ni naru
Hoshi ni naru

My name is Hayabusa
I’m not just fast, I’m pretty sleek too!
So let’s ride away on the solar winds,
and everyone on Earth will give me the lift I need!
Even in the dark depths of space,
I’ll keep on going with hope in my heart!

Hayabusa! Hayabusa!
Out there in the cosmos is our rendezvous!
Hayabusa! Hayabusa!
And when my work is done, I’ll become a shining new star!
A shining new star!

Now available in metal flavor!

There’s a bad pun I could never really convey in the subs without putting in the romaji lyrics too: In the second line, Yuuki uses two verbs (hayai, meaning ‘fast’, and ‘busai’, meaning ugly – used in the negative form “busaku nai”) where the first bit of each verb spells out ‘Hayabusa’. It’s very clever, you see, because… I hate Japanese.

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