About Us v1

Forever archived as a memorial to what came before:

Hi there, and welcome to Æsir. Æsir is comprised of three manly manly men fabulous dudes who split away from the fansubbing group TV-Nihon, and now spend their time translating magical girl anime. Because, ya know, that’s what cool people do.

Our current projects are HeartCatch Precure and Yes! Precure 5, with an eye to maybe doing GoGo afterwards because doing the same show another group is doing gives us a raging fucking boner. We also kind of like giant robots so we might be amenable to doing some of those maybe?!?!?!?!?

Æsir is comprised of the three following manly men:

Timer, Typesetter, Encoder
Voice of reason. Liable to vanish for days on end, returning only when fresh encoding strategies have been devised.

Translator, Typesetter, Encoder
Robot fanboy. The only one of the three who watches Precure for the fashion tips.

Editor, Guy Who Asks Why Magenta and Lobster Are Being So Lazy
Rages at Magenta for placing punctuation outside of quotation marks. Also abuses a small group of people for his own amusement every Friday night, under the pretext of a ‘roleplaying game.’

We also have some merry friends from across the stratosphere who join us in our epic quest to fansub stuff in fabulous style. Behold their mirth:

Editor on Precure 5
Master of Grammatical Nuance. Learned the language that would become modern English from William the Conqueror himself in 1066.

QCer, Group Mascot
Our unofficial ‘Queen of QC.’ Has been known to do an excellent Shoutarou cosplay when bored at work.

DDL Provider
Also manages the Precure archive over at CureCom. May or may not be a shadowy Apple executive seeking world domination.

Timer, Fanservice
Hails from the land known as Mexico, making her the only Mexican in existence not to be an illegal immigrant in America.

QC/Translation Checker on HeartCatch Precure (17-19, 31+)
Has an emoticon for every situation. May be liable to quote MC Frontalot without provocation.

May in fact only be listed on this page to annoy Bluntasaur by moving his own name further down it.

Distro Lord and Seeding Master

That Guy
Risen from the grave to consume scripts.
Has started the cult of emo-zombieism – eating your own flesh and revelling in the blissful agony. You wouldn’t understand, man.


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