64 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 47

  1. Thank you for your hard work! I very much enjoyed this season. (OOO is still my favourite but, boy, do I love those fruit warrior costumes!)

  2. Thanks for everything, I have watched your gaim’s releases and your so funny newses.
    COME ON !

    Thanks from France !

  3. Great finale, great series. Thank you Aesir for subbing the series and for all your hard work. :)

  4. Guess it’s time to take the stage one last time… Man, I am going to miss this show. It’s easily the best thing I have seen for years, and I really, really want to thank you guys for the great service you’ve done. For both the quality and speed of your subs, thank you so much.

    It’s been a hell of a year. Godspeed, you magnificent bastards.

  5. >See you for Kabutack!

    …People actually like Kabutack? I had heard it was the worst Metal Heroes series and pretty much killed that franchise until the “revivals” the franchise has had in the past couple years (“Revivals” is in quotes because all it is is new versions of the Space Sheriffs that only ever appear in movies or pointless crossover episodes in other series and don’t even have their own series yet).

    And you’re doing that instead of getting back to Boukenger…

    • Well, it or it’s immediate successor Robotack could earn that title, although, who knows, maybe it’s just the whiplash that killed it and the shows, when taken outside of the Metal Heroes context, aren’t that bad on their own.

      But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • I think the Kabutack thing is a joke.

      As for Kabutack and Robotack, it’s not quite *bad* so much as much, much kiddier than all the other Metal Heroes. The movie is translated and it’s cute kids’ stuff, perfectly harmless. I try to come up with something “wrong” with it and it isn’t there. The thing is, us older folks want something like Gaim, so cute kids’ stuff doesn’t go over well.

      If Aesir were to do Kabutack, I’d watch. But I’d rather see ’em try their hand at Drive instead.

  6. Good ending. Though, I felt as if Kouta was just humoring Micchy when they fought Kougane. I like that his form was basically a rotten apple. They talked about not being able to get lockseeds, why not make some genesis drivers and energy lockseeds. Weren’t they artificial?

    • I don’t recall if they ever said what Energy Lockseeds were, they were just visually different so it was easy to assume they have different ways of working. I also have not seen the episode yet but I think you’d need Ryoma to actually make them.

  7. Thank you Aesir for your kind and hardwork throughout. Loyal fan here and I appreciate it a lot!

  8. Thank you so much for subbing this show, I watched the whole thing since the very first release, and this is the first kamen rider show I watch while It is currently airing and it was amazing!! thanks you all the staffers for this amazing year!!

    Toei definitely should hire more visual novel/anime scriptwriters for their next tokusatsu shows

  9. Thanks for your dedicated work this past year. You received a lot of flak from people who take these things too seriously, and while I can’t always agree with your name translations… that’s what editable subs are for. But no seriously, I think you have a good idea of what you’re doing and there should be more fansub groups like you. Gaim was my first Aesir experience, and if I revisit Fourze, I’ll certainly visit you guys again. Take care.

  10. This is bittersweet for me, as much as I’m sad about Gaim ending, there’s an extra pinch of sadness in that in the middle of the show’s run, I had a major falling out with what was a close friend I used to watch this with. And I guess this also feels like I’m saying goodbye to that last bit that connected us with this episode.

    But hey, the show itself said it best:

    But don’t let life get you down
    (Keep your head held high)
    Wherever you may go
    (Never compromise yourself)
    Follow the path you believe in, and just live more!

    Sorry for rambling, but I felt a need to say this.

    • That’s how you know it’s good. It’s a show about dancers dressing up in fruit armor and hitting each other a lot. And it can be so relevant to real life and even its theme song can resonate with you like that.

      There won’t be another like this for a long time, that’s for sure. Looking forward to the movies!

  11. Are you guys going to be skipping Drive like Wizard? I’m going to miss submitting Gaim torrents to Tosho. :(

  12. Thank you guys for so much hard work this past year, for combining speed and quality, and for bringing all of us the chance to enjoy this awesome show! Thank you!

    • It’ll come in time. Think of it this way: there’s still such a thing as “the next Gaim” for a little longer.

  13. If would prefer if Drive being sub by you guys coz Aesir is waaaaay faster . But thanks for the whole year!

  14. Huge Thanks to the team for 1 year of hard work, of putting up with all the ornac and umalat death threats, of allowing us non Japanese literate people to follow along on this awesome journey!

  15. Thanks for subbing this. I’m a fan of both kamen rider and Urobuchi, but the latest kamen riders before gaim (after kabuto) are pretty childish and relatively free of tragedy. I have so much fun watching this show. Thanks a lot

  16. Wondering i I could get some help, all of a sudden my media player is acting up, what happens is the screen turn completely green and there’s several screens of the video. It happens to every Gaim episode now but haven’t done this before, other files seem to work fine. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling CCCP and different media player but doesn’t help.

    Screen of how it looks http://imgur.com/6UZXX9D

    • The latest NVidia graphics card drivers broke support for 10-bit video. You’ll need to either roll back your graphics card driver or turn off hardware acceleration for video playback to fix it, I believe, until they put out a patch to fix it

  17. Thank you guys so much for subbing this show, I wish you the best of luck and I’ll check back in from time to time for more awesome stuff!

  18. Thanks for the great season. I think i never laughed so much watching sentai than when you did the Gaim/ToQger crossover parody dub.

  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! thanks for ur effort, thanks for everything. u are awesome!!! :) :) :)

  20. Episode 47, the only episode in which michi can truly be called kamen rider. He was not only likable, but due to his new found style and humbleness, I believe he could star in a continuation of Gaim and actually be the hero.

    Good job you no longer fake ass bitch! Good job.

    Style: Clothing was excellent. The black outfit was awesome. Emo looks good on ya.

    Humbleness: Suffering through and recovering from the pain and exile he put himself through.


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