22 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 44

  1. Well that was another good episode finally certain somones who have been useless are even more useless than before.

  2. One of the few things that disappointed me about this show was the fact that in the beginning Oren was such a powerful rider and now he’s getting tossed aside with ease. I wish he had gotten some new powers. DURIAN ENERGY!

    • While he may not be the most powerful character by virtue of being a supporting role, he was still pretty impressive in this episode. The untransformed fight with him and Marika was one of the highlights of the episode. And he was the one to point out that Kaito had gone bye bye. So all in all, He’s not ineffective, but in the end Kaito has surpassed him in terms of raw power and so he had to lose.

      At least they didn’t pussy out with Kouta being almost dead and then being good as new. His injury (while healing faster than human levels, which i can accept since he’s technically not human anymore) is still a hindrance to him and is the reason he had to retreat in that last fight.

      • Oren also the one who figure out that zangetsu-michi wasn’t takatora. His battle sense was actually good.

        • EXACTLY! All things considered, even if he isn’t a pivotal character he still manages to have stand-out moments like that and show that supporting role characters don’t have to just be there for background decoration. So that’s awesome. As an addition to this, Zack’s motivation and decisions in this episode and the preview for the next just pull at my heart strings. He’s really managed to endear himself to me as well

  3. Say, just want to let you know that the next episode will have an extended version of the song “Ranbu Escalation”, to let you know if you decide to sub it as well. If so, perhaps you can have the song version on another track for the HD mkv version so people would like to see the translated song together or not with the regular subbing.


    …So what if someone beat me to the punch.

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