46 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 43

  1. I remember watching this last night right around this time… and I remember for the first time in a long time getting choked up when something happened. This is, in my mind, a masterpiece of tokusatsu. A grand story with fulfilling sequences and something that will always leave you questioning what will happen next. Gen Urobuchi (The Urobutcher) is a genius.

  2. Something is wrong with the torrent

    Seeders:Torrent not authorized or does not exist
    Leechers:Torrent not authorized or does not exist
    Completed:Torrent not authorized or does not exist

    • It says that because the “main” tracker is set to Nyaa, which is down atm. It’ll work just fine though, there’s two more there for it to fall back on

  3. Seriously. It’s amazing how far those three have developed.

    Especially Michi. Michi you bastard. But now I pity you. So there’s only one other people to blame….


  4. I can’t even begin to process what happened here so much happened my mind is blown. It was Mai time traveling all along but the fruit wouldn’t her change the past seems that it is out of it’s grasp and not as powerful as we think. I knew if the fruit was removed it would kill mai but I didn’t expect it to actually happen. Then Kaito giving up his humanity to get power that’s not strength that’s a weakness! I need to lay down….

  5. Oh well, came to the comments section by curiosity, got the whole episode spoiled for me ¬¬ how stupid i am

  6. I do want to know something that did confuse me in this episode. Where did all those feathers come from ?

    • They were in the bags that micchy slashed open on his decent if I remember the sequence right. Why the warehouse had big ass bags of down feathers I don’t know.

  7. Kind of unrelated, but once this is done, are you going to get back to subbing Boukenger (since Hikari-Senshi’s pretty much dead)?

  8. All those feathers made me think of Ankh from OOOs. Come to think of it Invess/Overlord Baron kinda looks like Ankh.
    I’m still worried about the Kouta/Micchy situation.
    I hope they don’t try to redeem Micchy – does anyone believe he’s really regretting what he did? He’s just crying that he failed to win.
    And I hope Kouta doesn’t have to be revived by someone else. If Kouta really was ready to loose his life to save Micchy when Kouta is needed to save the world, then he hasn’t learned a damn thing. If Kaito had been there he’d die of disgust!

    • I’m not too sure about the Micchy situation with regards to the possibility of him being redeemed. I know I’d love it if his story is one of someone we started off admiring but saw how his deceptions, lies and obsession with getting what he wants drove him down the path of darkness and he ends up losing everything he has including his sanity in that regard. It would be a great cautionary tale if they just had him completely go off the deep end. However, because this is still ultimately a show that has its primary demographic in children, they might end up going the route of him being redeemed. Maybe, I’m not sure if that’s what will happen. What I will say is that if it does, I’d prefer it be in the way of him making a last minute heroic sacrifice and dying in the attempt of saving someone else. That would tie in great with his previous actions of being ready to outright murder people, i think… And the redemption aspect itself would be left up to the viewer rather than be shoved down their throats. But that’s just my two cents on it. I’d still like to see his character arc be of a downward spiral leading to complete insanity that has been hinted at thus far. Also, with regards to his crying, I think it was more to do with the fact that Mai is “dead” rather than him losing or something. Which raises an interesting question for the fans. Who here thinks Micchy was actually in love with Mai and who agrees with Kaito’s exclamation that all he wants is “a pretty doll” ?

      Finally, the Kouta stuff. His “death” is pretty stupid in my eyes, since as the main character with still a few episodes left in the show, they can’t outright kill him. All it is is pointless padding with not so real tension since the preview for the next episode pretty much guarantees that Mai is somehow going to bring him back and he’s going to go off to face Kaito. So yeah, he’s going to be revived by someone else. Sorry to break it to you. But I don’t think its a lesson unlearned, its more that he is always ready to sacrifice himself for other people, which is perfectly in line with his character. Yes he wants to save the world, but he’s always ready to save those he cares about first and foremost. That’s what sets him at odds with Kaito who’s philosophy is that only those who can take care of themselves truly deserve to live in this world and everyone too weak to do so is holding everyone else back. That’s what I get out of it anyway, I’m open to discussion on the matter.

      • I don’t think Kouta is dead. He’s wounded, but was breathing. Seems like he just passed out from exhaustion.


          • Lol chill out. Of course they would try hard to make the audience think he’s done for even if he survives. It builds way more suspense. Serial cliffhangers always set up big shockers that mislead the audience. It’s the classic, “Will he survive!? Tune in next week!”

            • lol sorry if my all caps rage got to anyone. I was having a moment :P
              I just really hate stupid cliffhangers like that
              the feathers didn’t make it any easier
              speaking of which
              what was with those fucking feathers anyway?

          • As the preview said: “Kouta is at death’s door.” Usually that means he’s not quite dead yet.

      • I’m still hoping It’ll turn out Kouta had some sort of plan.
        That kind of “letting the enemy seem to defeat me so I can win in the end” is common in KR and similar hero tales.
        (Think of Obi-Wan letting Vader cut him down in Star Wars).
        We saw in the previous ep how he used his fruit enhanced overlord powers to recreate himself after he seemed to be broken, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to have some healing power.
        It’ll be disappointing if after being revived by Mai Kouta says “I was willing to die to save Micchy but thanks for saving me, guess I can go save the world now” then Micchy comes along saying “Man, you really died for me, I’m so touched”, they patch things up with a Fourze super friendship handshake and it’s like nothing happened.

        I agree, would be so much better to leave Micchy wallowing in his loser status, I loved the dressing down Ryoma gave him.
        As to your question, Micchy is too self centered to really love Mai. He was obsessed with not allowing anyone else to have her, not with her true love. She was a prize for him to win, once he had her he’d quickly loose interest.

        I am interested to see how this wraps up. Kaito has to be dealt with, but does Kouta have to face Sagara or does Mai simply give Kouta the fruit, he turns it into a “Super Roundup Weed Killer” lockseed and eradicates Helheim?

        • do you really believe Helheim would actually give every civilization it goes to a power that allows them to destroy it? wouldn’t that be counter productive? I mean, I get it. He wants to see them evolve and stuff but at the detriment of his own continued existence? I don’t think its going to play out that way.
          Besides, I’m fairly certain at this point the main conflict is coming down to Kouta and Kaito. So we’ll see how that turns out first

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