Kamen Rider Gaim – 42

"We're still relevant, right?"

“We’re still relhellevant, right?”

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We seem to have had a hell of a lot of issues this week! I think the whole team did a hell of a job though. The one that gave us the most hell was this “Woman of the Beginning” term, which last showed up hella cryptically way the hell back in Episode 23. We wrote “woman at the start of it all” because we had no idea in hell what it meant, so we’ll retro-address that whenever the hell we release a v2 set.

Enjoy the hell out of this episode!

27 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 42

  1. I.. could be wrong but this line feels like it has a word too many or too few at 17:15

    “This is the result of all that your own actions.”

    Like it could be continued into something else but it doesn’t. “This is the result of all your own actions.”?

    Again I could be absolutely wrong seeing as I’m not a TL kind of guy.

    • WHOOPS.

      Uploaded a fixed script onto the archive – thanks. I think we tried to edit “This is the result of all that you’ve done” into “This is the result of your actions” and managed to create that hot mess.

  2. Ok, so basically if I understand this right (SPOILERS), Sagara is a version of the snake from the Garden of Eden i.e. Helheim, making Mai their version of Eve and the man she chooses he Adam Which is interesting because the snake tricked Eve, who then convinced Adam to eat the fruit of knowledge, which let to them both being kicked out and Eden being destroyed, I can see where a lot of these comparisons are coming from. At least that’s what makes sense to me from all of this.

  3. So the forest is actually alive I guess after everything we have seen it makes complete sense. Silly Michyy though couldn’t even see the professor was leading you on so he can get the fruit …. 5 dollars says if it’s removed it kills her.

  4. Kouta chose to be an overlord, Kaito will chose to be an inves, and Micchy chose to be an as**ole.

    Who’s the real secondary rider then? It seems than noone wants to yield to the other’s principles. Kouta wil save everyone, Micchy will only save loved ones, and Kaito will not save anyone not even himself.Takatora is probably the only person that’ll agree with Kouta and he’s gone.

    • Is there is a proof that Takatora is dead? I thought that he died when he was betrayed but he survived.

      • Well they have played a clever trick to leave it open his actor is still in the show thanks to the delusions of micchy. As to if he is truly dead only time will really tell this show appears to not being playing by the normal rules that we are used to.

        • Pretty much I mean his actor doesn’t get the flowers of death because he is still actively around usually the only true sign we get some one is really gone.

  5. How is this week’s release going to be affected by Nyaatorrents death throws (I know it isn’t dying)?

    • I’m using one of the DDLs. The torrent file for 43 was available, but there’s nothing for 42.

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