Kamen Rider Gaim – 41



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Hello! One little note: we subbed the lyrics in for Ranbu Escalation this episode, despite the fact the song – and hence its official lyrics – aren’t out yet. We considered the scene important enough that it was worth taking a decent guess stab at the lyrics – and we’re like 98% certain on them! But there is a possibility bits could be wrong and we’ll have to change things once the song’s out, but we just thought it worth mentioning not to take them as absolute.

Anyway, please enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 41

  1. I’d say you translations for the lyrics seems ok, especially on how you made who sang what or when both sang together.
    Also, are you planning on releasing the Hesei vs Showa rider movie soon?

  2. So with him saying the king was the last of the over lords what the fuck is dj sagra ? Also why would the fruit be killing mai because she is a girl or because she didn’t fight for it like the rules of the fruit say to?

    • What I’m wondering is what the heck happened to that “Priestess of Fate” subplot, considering she last appeared in episode 23. It’s like, in that episode, Sagara was all like, “I know who you are!” …Aaaaand she hasn’t appeared since then.

      • ya… all along i had assumed that she was the queen, and it turns out, she wasnt the queen, so who the fuck is she?

  3. By the way, is it true that the music used during a lot of Oren’s scenes is basically distorted music from the original Digimon Adventure anime?

    • nope, that’s the rock music sound from the Sengoku Driver. In addition to that, the rock style standby music actually resembles a part of the first few notes of “Boundless Live”, the Final Vent theme in Kamen Rider Ryuki. I honestly think it’s supposed to be a Ryuki reference.

      • No, it is Digimon music. It’s the start of Brave Heart from Digimon Adventure. It’s barely even changed. Both are Toei, so they can do it

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