Kamen Rider Gaim – 40

draculaaaaa i made pot rooooooast

draculaaaaa i made your favoriiiiite pot rooooooast

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We’re back! So’s the show! Calamity is averted and all is well. Praise be to the rain gods, apart from the bit where they made Gust stay up all night editing typhoon warnings out of the raw. Seriously, give that guy some love. What a boss.

Enjoy the episode!

23 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 40

  1. Please tell me that Yuuya’s transformation phrase is a callback to that contest you used in the release picture for episode 3

  2. You guys doing Kamen Rider Taisen? Because OT isn’t, and even though I watch TVN for its Flashy effects, i’d love for a faster and more accurate sub.

    • I tend to just avoid TVN entirely unless there are no other options (which is unfortunately the case for most pre-Decade Hesei Rider shows).

  3. The decision to include Stand By Me trailer in the beginning punched me in the feels :<

    And I'm guessing you guys won't sub it either <_<

  4. So we get to see what Kouta looks like as an overlord and it’s a goofy rubber Godzilla suit?
    He’ll never get any cred as an overlord looking like that, no wonder he’d rather die fighting them!
    Running out of time to develop Kouta’s character. He needs to start figuring things out on his own and become a Kamen Rider rather than a sulky guy who was given some power.

    BTW CG Doraemon? I don’t like the look. For some time now they have been trying to make the Doraemon movies more Disney/Pixar like and I think it weakens the charm of the anime.

  5. >Ask nephew if he wants to see Gaim or Doraemon
    >He yells out DORAEMON!
    >I decide to mess with him by starting up next episode of Gaim on our queue
    >Kid starts getting mad

    That couldn’t have owned me harder even if you planned that out ahead of time. Kudos.

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