15 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 39

  1. so, why do you guys translating the “Sengoku” in Sengoku Ryouma’s name? Isn’t it his full name?

    • Basically the Sengoku Driver appeared in the show – and was named – before we knew there was going to be a character named Ryouma Sengoku that it was named after. We translated the driver name thinking it was just the name of a piece of tech, and then when the character was introduced we were kind of stuck having to translate the dude’s name to match.

      tl;dr we’re really dumb

      • I wondered about that honestly. I was all “Is there really a need to translate his name all the time? It’s his name!” I forgot that the driver was named way before he was.

      • You guys kind of also screwed up with Oren… He actually DOESN’T follow the Japanese naming convention (surname listed first). His name actually IS “Oren Pierre Alfonso,” not “Pierre Alfonso Oren.”

        • He’s Japanese and moved to France. His surname – Oren – would be the one part that remained consistent. In addition, he’s had a stated Japanese first name that he since abandoned (I want to say it was “Gennosuke”, but don’t quote me on that.)

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