77 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 32

  1. One error, which I can’t blame you guys for:
    Redyue is a girl according to the Masked Rider EX Gaim: Official Magazine Vol 01.
    Its just weird that the VA of Redyue is a guy.

  2. Why did you feel the need to translate “Shogun”? That’s a perfectly acceptable word in English. It’s like if you decided to translate “Samurai”, or “Ninja”.

    • Well, if people hear Shougun, they usually hear it as the abbreviation for seii taishougun, the title for the ruler in the bakufu, but shougun originally simply meant a general, and since Gaim is supposed to be an analogue to the sengoku era where multiple factions warred this association could be misleading.

      • I hadn’t thought of that, but now I’m wondering why I hadn’t, it makes so much sense.

      • Because they fking translate Gridon to Ornac, Kiwami to Zenith, Sengoku Ryoma to Ryoma Warring, and Decade to Magenta.

    • Because these guys are turning into Over-time with their idiotic need to translate absolutely EVERYTHING that seems even remotely Japanese, including that most basic of words that every Kamen Rider series (bar Amazon and Hibiki) uses: Henshin.

            • Okay I retract my earlier statement. Truth be told, “Henshin” is the only word from Kamen Rider I am actually annoyed with when it’s translated because “Transform” is honestly pretty boring and is actually pretty inaccurate as far as translation goes.

      • 1) Not everyone is a weeb whose only hobby is watching Kamen Rider
        2) Not everyone knows Japanese
        3) You don’t have to watch this subtitle, whom these FANS translate altruistically FOR NO PROFIT for us so that we can watch this gem of a show and experience the joys that they feel.

        • If you know Japanese, I’d have to question why you’re watching a fansub at all.

          • As someone who knows Japanese quite well and watches both OT’s and Aesir’s fansubs let me tell you my reason:
            I don’t have to but I enjoy it. I’ve done translation work myself although in a very different field for the most part and I find it very fun to see what these translators come up with especially for idioms, puns and monster names etc.
            Also how they make subs sound like proper dialogue and not “written text” which you often find even in official dubs (I don’t have to see the screen to know something is dubbed instead of filmed in my native language for example when the TV is running) not to mention most subs.

            And some days you’re just tired or can’t be bothered to really listen or maybe someone’s mumbling, for some people slang or dialects could also be a problem. In other words there are many reasons to still use subs even if you do know Japanese. And not everyone knows every word, it’s more convenient than pausing to look something up. Especially for learners who’re not too advanced yet.

            Are those enough reasons?

      • Henshin should be translated because it’s not an English word, as would shogun. If you want half-translated nonsense, stick with TV-Nihon.

        • Shogun is a Japanese loanword that is used in English. English, as well as most languages, are full of loanwords taken from other languages. Aside from the aforementioned Samurai and Ninja, ones I can think of a “Rucksack”, “Kindergarten”, pretty much every Italian food ever, Restaurant. The list goes on. Everyone in America says “Kindergarten”. They don’t say “Children Garden”.

          • Actually, loanwords can be translated when there is another word in that language that has the same absolute meaning. For example, archaic is a loanword from Greek and has the same meaning with the word ancient. But not everyone knows what archaic means, especially non-native English speakers. In this case though “archaic” is not a direct loanword, it has been changed from what it is in Greek, but Shogun isn’t, which makes it a great opportunity to translate the word. Ninja and Samurais can’t be translated because there are no words that represent them in the English language absolutely. And no, Assassin is no a valid translate of Ninja. Assassins are killers with no other motive than money, not stealthy killers, at least not all the times. An Assassin is usually someone who is paid to kill someone else, stealthy or not. A ninja HAD to kill someone stealthy because if he was caught, the whole clan of his would be ridiculed. An Assassin will only act stealthily so he won’t get caught.

            • >especially non-native English

              Non-native English speaker reporting in. Everyone borrowed words from the Greek, so any given non-native speaker is more likely to know ‘archaic’ than ‘ancient’ (which is a purely English word).

        • Nope, I’m just of the mindset that there are some things you don’t translate. Aesir and Over-time are great subbers and are far superior in their subs. My problem isn’t that they translate properly, it’s that they do it too much. Translating names, for one thing, should never happen unless they are punny names. And no, I’m not bitching about Gridon being Ornac, that is one example of name translation being acceptable.

            • Except sometimes they’re not “just” names? Sometimes they’re meant to evoke something in the narrative, sometimes the narrative is meant to evoke something about them, sometimes there’s a meaning that the name is meant to convey.

              I’m not saying RARR TRANSLATE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME but, by the same coin, having the opposite mentality is equally dangerous.

    • Yeah it could go either way. There’s nothing wrong with keeping shogun if that’s your bag, I don’t think, but we tend to err on the side of assuming the audience is unfamiliar with Japanese culture-y stuff. I don’t think it hurts to make a translation if there’s an appropriate one available with these things.

  3. Wow you translate faster than the vegetation grows in Helheim!

    Haven’t watched this ep yet but have to say I’m way impressed with the writing on Gaim.
    When it started I thought “Oh no a bunch of dancing teens, (works with Sentai but this is KR), when are they going to throw in Fourze super friendship handshakes? And silly fruit themes?!?”
    But this has turned out to be anything but silly. Almost no filler eps (I started with W, and even it had filler episodes/storylines).
    Hope it doesn’t run out of steam (or fruity goodness)!

    • I too started with W because it showed me the greatness of how a properly written story can be even for a kid’s show aim at selling toys. But everything after that had failed to reach those heights again.

      We’re seeing the great writing again because
      – They allowed the writer to ditch the 2 episode per monster of the week method.
      – The writer is Gen Urobuchi, some would say he has a twisted mind. ;)

      Enjoy it while it lasts, it’ll likely not get this good again for awhile!

  4. So Zenith still doesn’t look like the form reflected in the mirror at the end of…

    …that USED to be reflected in the mirror at the end of the OP. But they seem to have cut that part out.

    Was it just something they decided not to go with, after all?

    • Later episode before it was removed, the reflection scene has a longer cut and it’s actually just his normal form (Orange Arms).

      • (takes another look)

        No, all distortions in the reflection aside, that is definitely not Orange Arms. The crest, at minimum, is completely different.

      • Here; these screenshots are both taken from the first episode’s OP, I’ve rotated the mirror for clarity.

        I will swear on a stack of Drivers that the mirror image is not Orange Arms as we know it, or any of the existing upgrades.

          • After they introduce all the lockseeds before the Kachidoki and Kiwami, this new scene is added. The normal locks have been changed to lockseeds.

          • There was suppose to be a whole plot line where for what ever reason the lock seeds started to rust over and the had to find a way to restore them this would have gave micchy and kouta a new form called fresh orange and fresh grape. You can find promotion material for the fresh orange lockseed online I guess for what ever reason it was dropped.

            • That’s actually for a straight-to-DVD special included in one of the Japanese childrens’ magazines. I don’t think anyone’s bought and ripped it yet really, which is why it hasn’t been subbed.

            • Doing some further research they still plan to use the plot but in a hyper battle video only or maybe it was that way from the start who knows.

            • …….I don’t think they will drop a Hyper Battle Video that has been recorded and promoted.

              Especially if it’s Gaim’s HBV, since it’s basically a huge promotion for all the Arms Change toys.

  5. When the professor blasted off into space I couldn’t help but at the back of my head hear a certain catch phrase from you know where >>. Any way I was worried about zenith form but it seemed to really work aside from the giant cone head thing. I don’t see any of the energy lock fruits being part of what was summoned but I guess it makes sense they all use the same weapon and it would have been pointless.

    • I guess that was one way to write the professor while his actor is busy with his stage shows with out killing him off though.

    • All of the Energy lock-fruits are summoned. In fact out of all the armour we’ve seen this season, only secondary armours aren’t summoned, as we’re missing pineapple, strawberry, kiwi and mango from those that are summoned. Also interestingly, the normal melon armour doesn’t appear, although melon energy does, so perhaps that’s why.

      • Guess I just missed them as the were summoned I need to rewatch the episode and try to catch them all.

  6. God bless you guys and your fantastic ways! Now go sub Inazuman for me…just do it…do it now.

  7. So where is Ryouma going? If he goes to the moon Fourze’s gonna need another episode.

  8. Seriously? Is Micchy just going to shut up or even join Redyue? He’s proven to be the most bullshit rider in the entire Rider even surpassing Kusaka. Anyway, he did know that his brother is still alive, right? Yet zero f*ck given…

    • I will agree that Micchy is a little shit, but I’ll still argue that Kusaka was worse. Micchy doesn’t seem happy at all doing the things he does, but he feels like he has to because, well, Mai slapped him and shattered his psyche. Or some bullcrap like that. Kusaka was just…sinister man. I still remember that freakin’ smile…

      • Mari kicked Kusaka too, at ep. 23~
        But looking at Micchy, Kusaka never wanted to co-op with the orphenocs~, not even when Mari “died”. Micchy is much of a spoiled child.

  9. Thinking about it, I might have gone with “GENERALISS-ISS-ISS-ISS-*ISSIMOOOO!*”

    Or is that just too silly?

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