HeartCatch Precure – The Final Nine

Or some grandiose title like that.

Anyway, the lovely folks over at Commie have been resubbing HeartCatch Precure – using a nice new shiny high-quality re-airing, as well as cleaning up our old scripts to get rid of a lot of the amateurish stuff we did back then – HeartCatch was the first show Aesir ever worked on, the show the group was created to sub, when we split away from TV-Nihon all those years ago!

Due to all sorts of exciting fansub drama we never actually finished HeartCatch at the time, though – we got up to episode 40 done in the end – which means this was a perfect and grand opportunity to finally translate the last nine episodes we never got to do back then.

With episode 41, the first of these “new” episodes (for us, at least) just having come out I thought this was a good time to point out Commie’s project on here. HeartCatch is a show very dear to our hearts here at Aesir, and it means a lot to me, at least, that we’re getting the chance to finish it. If you’re into Sentai/Rider, then I think HeartCatch is a show in their likeness that manages to contend with the best of them. It’s punchy, superbly well-written, and with one of the most endearing casts I’ve ever had the pleasure to translate.

Anyway at the time of writing I only have the finale left to translate, and then it’s just going back and putting finishing touches on 42 and on. Many thanks to Alkaid for being my editor on these episodes, and the lovely herkz and his amazing commiedevs for giving us this opportunity, and I hope you enjoy them. <3

(p.s. I’ve been making “pure” Aesir style versions of the scripts for those who for some bizarre fucking reason want to see what an Aesir HeartCatch would look like all the way through. I’ll be putting them up on our HC script archive once they’re finalized, but be warned that they’ll be timed to Doremi’s raws because they’re the only ones I could find lying around to translate from)

11 thoughts on “HeartCatch Precure – The Final Nine

  1. I think I’m just waiting for the translations to be finished and the full series batch to come out, really. I’ve heard Heartcatch was supposed to be amazing but I was using Doremi’s subs previously and I found them to be a little… Lacking, I suppose. Once these are all done I guess I’ll go binge to my heart’s content.

  2. Heartcatch is shit and you should feel bad for hyping it up so much. Everyone who goes into it so hyped ends up dropping it before episode 20 for how goddamn boring the beginning parts were. And for what build up? Some lousy final villain? Only good parts really were Sunshine’s introduction, Super Silhouette’s and Marine Vs. Kojacky or whatever his name was.

    Fresh was way better IMO.

    • MY NAME IS INFINITY hype up setsuna MY NAME IS INFINITY hype up setsuna MY NAME IS INFINITY hype up setsuna MY NAME IS INFINITY hype up setsuna

      i want to like Fresh because like everything else in the show is excellent but that second half… the 25-29 hype up sunshine block in HeartCatch is pretty fucking awful but Fresh is in a whole new league

  3. Isn’t Heartcatch animated by the same guys who did Cassern Sins and Saint Seiya Omega, or do they just look alike. I know a quick google search could answer this for me…but I’d much rather do something else so I’ll just ask it here.

    Have been meaning to watch this though, even if only because Moonlight’s design rocks my synapses solid…don’t look at me like that.

      • Thanks. Good to know. I really wish he would do more tokuesque stuff. His art style would work well for some older Ishinomori stuff me thinks. Now, let’s see if I can remember that name for future “hey I know that guy!” related stuff.

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