51 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 31

    • Zenith is the literal translation of Kiwami they are going with im guessing like how Kachidoki arms is Triumphant arms

  1. Well, then much thanks for getting the episode out so early, so I can get right to skipping it properly!

  2. Oh man, this episode and the next….words cannot describe the excitment I have for this show.

  3. Mind if I ask what a Kiwami is and why you went with your choice? I ask out of curiosity.

  4. Wow you guys fast!! Thanks a lot guys…
    could someone post the link to SD DDL please… ^_^

    • Why the fuck do people STILL need SD releases? Are you running Amiga Media Player on a toaster?

      • even if people like me need SD, we dont trouble you. so, why the f””k you care?

      • Because not like the rest of the world, I only could afford to buy 8 GB SD card for my phone and I still want to enjoy KR Gaim somehow….
        And yes.. Unlike the rest of the world, I couldn’t afford to buy PC..
        Believe it bub….

      • Someone had better wear it, at least. A hat like that should not go to waste.

        Maybe Micchy will pick it up. Lord knows he’s already stolen the Zangetsu stuff, so he may as well pinch Sid’s gear whilst he’s at it.


          • Yeah the pure power that sid was being assaulted with caused his belt to melt and then turn to dust. So no one is getting that belt in a way Im glad but at the same time its odd that he didn’t just turn to dust as well. I guess that was to brutal for a kids show not that being crushed wasn’t brutal as well. But they didn’t really show it.

            • …I was just saying Micchy should steal Sid’s hat, not his belt. The belt’s gone. But the hat still remains. And clearly, that is the true source of Sid’s douchebaggery.

  5. You guyw still stuck on saying sengoku ryouma with ryouma warring?? LOL gotta be an i***t translator… Really can’t take it anymore~

  6. This episode features the only cool thing Sid has ever done. Seriously…he didn’t deserve something that awesome to be associated with him. Seriously though this show is pretty brutal. Not too brutal, but the right amount of brutal while still having those super righteous fury moments that I love so much.

    Also all in favor of Mitch appearing next episode wearing Sid’s hat and acting like nothing has happened and that it has just been his the whole time and anyone who says otherwise is just jealous and should go wander deep into the forest until inves eat them for no other reason than the fact that they are there all up in there hood hittin’ on they ladies and drink they juice say Aye.

  7. I will say this now… The transition shots in this show are utterly flawless… When Kouta was getting ready to blast the Overlord and they had the standby theme going off as Kaito looked on and Yoko took her shot… That is brilliant.

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