34 thoughts on “WATCH OUR MOVIE – 30

  1. May I ask if anyone could upload the movie on mega or firedrive (putlocker) since my internet speed is not very good. I would appreciate that :)

  2. Did not care for this very much . I mean its a good stand alone plot but there’s pretty much no way it could have taken place in gaim. It doesn’t fit in with the story but at least it was quite watchable unlick most of the movie promotion episodes.

  3. My favorite thing about this isn’t Ryouma, it’s the implication that Kikaider is his own guitar amp.

  4. Filler or not doesn’t anyone seem to question the fact that Ryouma would just surgically pop out his brain and shove it into a robot his “scientist friend” sent him? And then pop it back with what appears to be a bad hangover? >.>’

    • I like to think he never really took his brain out. That the dotted line was just to make sure the sensors and such connecting his body and Hakaider were correctly lined up, and the whole thing was just a sort of “out of body” experience.

    • The resolution (1440×1080 anamorphic) and low bitrate that Gaim is broadcast at on Japanese TV mean that doing a full 1080 encode is fairly pointless – so much detail is already lost in the process of broadcasting it that the downscale to 1280×720 doesn’t actually affect much. Doing a 1080p encode from TV Asahi wouldn’t, alas, look much better at all – especially not enough to justify the filesize.

      • Weren’t you working on a Decade sub at some point? You seem to be all over the sub network so I just want to know if you’re still working on it or not?

  5. Ugh, more filler. Watchable, yes, but still filler. I don’t know why Toei feels the need to shove stupid shit like this into Gaim; it serves no purpose other than to advertize crap and make the wallets of otaku everywhere cry out in pain.

    Still doesn’t explain why I shed a single manly tear at the end, though.

    • I feel it’s padding. There’s this rumor going around that Gaim is going to have a shorter run than the usual Kamen Rider series, and I think they’re using things like this to make Gaim’s run as long as possible (but even then it’ll probably run shorter than usual). Wizard’s extended finale, ToQGaim, and now the Kikaider crossover… All to push Gaim closer to the usual enddate than it would be without them.

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