44 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 29

  1. FIRST! Anyways, great episode and wow, If Kouta didn’t even take off his Jimber powers, he could’ve known the entire truth about Micchy.

  2. Did you really just call Zangetsu Shin – Zangetsu Final?
    Should be Final Zangetsu like you guys did in earlier releases.

    • Fuck. Well if that’s our mandatory Stupid Mistake Of The Week then it’s minor enough that I won’t beat myself up over it.

      • Are you going to release v2 after the series is done running for episodes like Episode 21?
        A clear distinct Lemon Raiment Squash is audible during his fight with Sigurd.

        From 21:03.00 to 21:05.00

        Such a shame TV-N got it wrong too for Episode 21. That’s what they get for purely looking only at the transcript of the episode, which can miss a few things or be incorrect at times.

        • For this episode, another error at 18:02

          “Takatora… why’s it come to this” is weird word choice. why’s it ≠ why has it.

          Why is it come to this is awkward phrasing
          Why has it come this is probably the phrase you wanted to write, but derped.

        • Haha wow, I wouldn’t say distinct, but yeah I do notice it there now. I don’t blame us for not noticing at the time, though, it’s pretty well masked by the sound effects.

          I mean like part of the problem is we do our initial translation off the transcript, which therefore means that’s what gets timed. Stuff that’s both a) not in there and b) hard to hear does often get missed because once it’s timed we’re generally going through it line by line checking things without necessarily checking the inbetween spaces. Not to excuse it, mind, just to explain.

          • Distinct was not the term I was trying to say. Sorry about that.

            I meant barely audible, I mean it’s distinct, it’s different, it’s barely hearable, it’s kind of there.

  3. haha I actually caught the EXE reference there. He would be DS tho since he’s a douche at this point.

  4. It was nice to actually have a pleasant chat with a boss monster for once instead of all the hitting and the hurting.

    Also, I laughed pretty hard at the flashing WATCH OUR MOVIE, though I really do want to give that a look…when the BD gets subbed. Can’t wait for next episode, thanks again guys!

  5. I thought Micchy was going to be the ultimate big bad but now I’m starting to think that’s going to be Sid or at least someone he’s going to have to deal with along with the Overlords.

    • No way SID is the big bad, he’s not… major enough. I do think he’s going to have his arc, his last moment in the limelight, but there is no way he’s the final guy. There’s not enough build-up for it, if anyone of the riders we have is going to become the Big Bad, it has to be Kaito or Micchy, as they’re the ones with the buildup for it, Kaito with his social Darwinism or Micchy and his descent into madness. I actually don’t think any of the Energy Riders are Big Bad material, well, MAYBE Ryouma, but I don’t think he’s going to get that far.

  6. W A T C H O U R M O V I E made me laugh. Especially how, with the shifting colors it’s probably one of the most over the top typesetting things in the entire subbing project

  7. So I called taka surviving I just didn’t expect it to be revealed the very next episode. And curse you movie promotion episode taking us away from the plot again this is the second time I blame you deacaaaade.

  8. Since you translated Toki no Hana in the episode, are you going to put a full translation in the lyrics section?

    Because I love your song translations almost as much as Micchy enjoys killing his ex-friends.

  9. Weird question, but does anyone have an alt link for the script? Normal link seems to be down for me.

  10. Dont know what’s wrong with you guys. I like character like micchy, they have more depth than a generic mc like Kouta and even Kaito. I dont let my emotion run wild while watching a work. Enjoyment is enjoyment, quality is quality

    • Maybe if he was strong, but hes being a bitch from pure jealousy. Micchy is weak ass shit lol.

    • Micchy, imo, is one of the best characters in the show, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s a little bitch and an idiot. That’s what makes me enjoy him so much.

  11. When you hear the Baron Sounds, instead of Banana…Spear, it’s actually the start up of the Bana Spear.

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