Kamen Rider Gaim – 28



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Thanks to the lovely sandy for the release pic.

A heads-up for those curious; yes we do know that the sounds for the driver and lockseeds sound off. No, we cannot fix it, it’s happening in the original broadcast and is how the show has been doing things for the last 2-ish episodes. Yes, we too do hope that they fix it sooner rather than later.

Other than that, please enjoy the episode!

39 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 28

  1. By the way, the driver/lockseed sounds are an experiment on using the movie effects in the actual show, so it’ll be here for awhile, and if it gets good ratings, it’ll be on KR forever. :P

  2. I have to say, this episode was amazing. This series really keeps on outdoing itself in how far things can escalate.

  3. Anyone realize that Kaito is bloody brilliant but arragont as usual?

    He doesn’t even want to waste his time telling Kouta that Micchy betrayed him since its obvious Kouta won’t listen. So he figures that beating Micchy to a pulp would work better.

    Of course, if he took care of him when they had the little chat in the forest, Micchy wouldn’t have a Genesis driver on him now would he? :P

  4. Micchy scares me now he pretty much wants anyone on kouta’s side to die doesn’t he? he just stood there pretty much smirking as his brother died. This is no longer jealous over a girl he has gone completely insane.

    • Though I don’t think his brother will be dead something tells me he was saved. It has the ear mark of a classic “kamen rider death” All that was missing was him falling into a puddle of water.

      • Yeah, pretty much. Seeing how the last two important characters who died did so on-screen via explosions, I’m not counting on Takatora being dead until I see the pyrotechnics.

        Really hoping he gives his little shit of a brother the bitchslapping he deserves, at least.

        • I’m going 50/50 on this. I mean, on one hand, “no one could survive that”. On the other hand, this IS the Urobutcher. It’s perfectly normal for him to make us THINK he is alive when he actually is quite dead.

          Also nice to see that not EVERYONE is stuck on the whole “Micchy Yandere” angle. I mean yeah he has a thing for Mai, but that’s just a tiny issue in a set of issues that combine to make a much more important one. He’s so focused on the fact that Kouta keeps messing up his “perfect” schemes that he lost sight of what the schemes were originally for.

            • Urobutcher WOULD kill Kouta’s only friend. Again, 50/50. He might survive, he might not.

          • Sometimes there are things worse than death however, imagine him at the bottom of that ravine with his body broken and near death…with a fruit of Hellheim within arm’s grasp. Considering Hawktiger’s force of will he could conceivable overcome the berserk state it causes, maybe even to the point he becomes an Overlord himself.

            Another thing that could happen is that Overlord Green that seems more curious than aggressive about interlopers into the forest finding him and giving him that Kurokage belt he picked up, either as a bartering tool or just for shits and giggles.

  5. question: Pulperize is a word? or did u guys just use it because in japglish thats what they say?

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