39 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 27

  1. OH frack i wow to both the [sub]text of this episode and what the Overlords are saying, thanks for not just translating or putting random text on screen it makes decoding super rewarding.

    • In the original Japanese-Overlord-ese the order of name and honorific is reversed (i.e. sama-Roshuo rather than Roshuo-sama) so we’ve just preserved it in the English.

  2. Oh fark, it was already a great episode and then the preview starts… my god… this show just keeps on giving!!

      • and we were wondering what has happened to foundation X, when it has been Yggdrasil all along, or maybe this is another of their front?

  3. Question: now that your cipher has been cracked (someone posted a link to a Google docs on /m/ with the key, but I also cracked it since this episode basically tripled the sample size), are you going to do V2’s for the previous episodes with the Overlords speaking? Or are you going to reserve that for until after the show is over, and maybe also add the translation in clear text in another subtitle channel?

    I’d be fine with either way, but I am curious as to what they were saying in previous episodes (and I’m too lazy to use Foolz to find posted translations of the sources from 2chan).

  4. [SPOILER]

    I know but still

    So according to Crimson he wants them… his former kinds… to die ?? Really ?

    P.S. Y’all didn’t make a mistake on the translation right ?

    • There’s a reason they talk in a ciphered language! Some of the stuff they say is spoilery and not necessarily meant to make sense to the viewer at the time they say it. But yes, the word is correct. It’s entirely possible you’re reading too much into it, however, and the word is merely meant to serve as their ‘equivalent’ of that term in our own language.

    • “how [verb]s [noun]” is one of those weird phrasing constructions that isn’t grammatically correct but still gets used a lot – “How goes things” is the most common one I can think of.

      It just seemed like the slightly stiff and wanky thing Ryouma would be liable to say in the situation, but blame is entirely droppable at my feet if you disagree!

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