Kamen Rider Gaim – 26

What did you say about my mother?

What did you say about my mother?

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We’ve had a deathmatch in the Aesir offices this week about how to handle the Overlord language, now that it’s possible to decipher it. It was a bloody and painful struggle to the death until only one survived, but we’ve ended up with the solution of implementing a cipher of our own. In much the same way the original Overlord language could be deciphered into Japanese so you could know what was being said, this cipher can be deciphered into English.

We were unanimously against the idea of just offering straight translations of what’s being said at this point in time – it’s pretty spoiler-heavy and you’re not “meant” to just know what’s being said when they say it. The onus is on the viewer to choose to decipher that dialogue – and its spoilers – if they so wish.

Anyway tl;dr we locked Caphi in the basement and wrote a cipher. Much thanks to the incredible @melodicwaffle for spending an evening working on it, and creating something that sounds pretty language-y for a cipher. Seriously, the amount of talented people who’ve kindly agreed to help us with things has been nothing short of incredible.

Enjoy the episode!

54 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 26

  1. You guys did a pretty interesting work right there and I am really grateful, but, if it isn’t too much of an extra work, could you guys release some deciphered script of it or some guide to decipher? You know, some guys and gals (like me) aren’t native speakers of neither japanese or english, so it turna out to be kind of hard to decipher the language, and even we aren’t meant to know, some spoilerfag (like me) would appreciate knowing what they’re saying…

  2. Also, have you considered including a second subtitle track so that people can opt for translation or cypher?

    • The plan is to do that on the inevitable post-show V2s once it’s over and people can watch the spoilery version if they wish. Right now I think we’re just unanimous that providing straight-up translations is against the spirit of the show, which isn’t providing them itself.

      • I asked the Aesir Twitter if that was how you planned to handle it, it’s cool to see you guys got your own cipher worked out, kudos to all those involved in this idea!

        • Yeah tbh I didn’t respond to that at the time because I wasn’t sure what we were going to do and that held true until fairly last-minute. Like, Caphi was and still is against the idea and eventually went “Look, do what you guys wanna do.” when we’d discussed it to death and were still at loggerheads, and I kinda felt for a while that if we were still divided we should just abandon the idea, but in the end we went with it.

          Thanks, though! I do genuinely think it’s a more elegant solution than just leaving it unsubbed, or subbing a Japanese cipher that isn’t of any use to anyone.

  3. I for one appreciate the effort, though am seconding the request of a guide, if only because I hate going to /m/ nowadays thus have missed those translations of the previous episode Overlord talks.

    • Same, I don’t really follow 4chan in general so this stuff is gone by the time I find out about it. The current KR thread on /m/ right now is as confused as we are. XP

  4. This is confusing. Everywhere I look I can not find this cipher you guys are refering to. Could someone please assist me in finding this, I am interested in what the overlords are saying

  5. I’m halfway through decrypting the cipher! Thanks Aesir, this was a fun little thought excercise!

    • Feel free to share when you’re done, I’ve been browsing /m/ to find the supposed post with it and have found nothing.

      • If Magenta or anyone else of Aesir is okay with that? I can imagine not really making your cool cipher just to have its solution plastered on the first comment page where it’s relevant.

          • Well then! I’ll share what I’ve found by translating the dialogue, and the “I’m sorry” message in the torrent page. Please note two things:
            1 – The cipher goes both ways. A in the cipher means Y in English, and Y in the cipher means A in English.
            2 – The spacing of the sentences is complete nonsense. When you decipher, just take a sentence and write it as 1 word (IE: aeid ee becomes aeidee: youtoo)

            With that out of the way, let’s go.

            A – Y
            B – K
            C – R
            D – T
            E – O
            F – S
            G – P
            H – L
            I – U
            J – ?
            K – B
            L – H
            M – N
            N – M
            O – E
            P – G
            Q – ?
            R – C
            S – F
            T – D
            U – I
            V – W
            W – V
            X – ?
            Y – A
            Z – ?

            The only letters missing are J, Q, X and Z, which haven’t come up yet. Still, this is more than enough to tackle anything the Overlords might have to say.

            • And yes, I’m letting you guys decrypt what they say themselves, have some fun with it ;D

            • Nicely done. I won’t be a shit and will just provide J = Q, X = Z to complete the set. I was kinda expecting the spacing thing to throw people off for longer than it did. D:

            • It did for me, but then came the line “Aid ee?”. Considering afaik there’s no word in the English language that is just the same letter twice, the conclusion was easily made. But again, thanks, to me this was a load of fun!

            • Thank you very much for this guys. Secret languages make me curious regardless of spoilers. Already decoding, now I think it is kinda cool that Kaito’s belt responds with Fight!

            • I will just enjoy the fact that “Lol” translates to “Heh” with that cipher and I find that coincidence (?!) funny.

  6. *Sigh*…this isn’t easy to remove, is it? Even editing the script I cannot just use the replace tool like I do with “Ornac”. Why did you splatter nonsense all over my screen? I thought you guys were supposed to be unlike TV-N in that regard, where you don’t put unnecessary crap all over the images.

    • TVN just puts “[mystical gibberish]”, Aesir took the time to decipher the Overlord langauge into Japanese, translate it to English, and re-cipher it. This means, much like the original Japanese, you can either ignore it or take the time to decipher it into an understandable form. If you don’t like it that much, delete those lines from the script. It’s a bit harder than find/replace but not that much work.

      • “It’s a bit harder than find/replace”
        It can BE find/replace, if you replace with spaces. :)

      • Except that’s prohibitive if I don’t want to READ the script. I don’t watch things more than once. They could at least tag it with brackets or something, is that really so awful? If you tag it with something then some text editors will let you use wildcards like [*] to remove everything between the tags.

        Come on, at least give us the option without forcing us to spoil the episode by scanning the script! It’s just a tiny change.

  7. Coming up with your own cipher? Christ guys.. that’s really a bit over kill, I shall resist and wait till the show is finished before coming back to these earlier episodes and finding out what they’re saying!

    Kudos to the team.

    Oh and a big fuck you to Glamador, if you can’t understand the effort that they decided to put into this, go get your subs from TVN then!

  8. I figured out the cipher on my own and then, of course, checked here to find that someone already posted it. The big hint for me was in the torrent description – “Unfecca voco” pretty much had to be “I’m sorry we’re” given how all of the torrent descriptions go, which gave me enough hints that I could run everything else through an automated solver and correct obviously wrong answers given the context until I got basically the entire thing.

    Was the line at 19:58 supposed to be gibberish, though? It doesn’t appear to be a proper name, but both my attempt at the cipher and the one posted here resolve that into complete nonsense.

    • It is my understanding the names aren’t meant to be put through the cipher, those are their actual names. If you listen to them speak, those are the only words that actually match up with Aesir’s text. I just hope we get to cipher more text, every other series dropped the mystical language fairly quickly when the enemies learn the native tongue.

  9. Someone must make a montage with Mai pimp-slapping Micchy set to dubstep.

    I would do it myself, but I cannot into video-making/editing. :V

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