35 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 24

    • A joke. Look up the word bastion and remember that Gaim means “armored warrior”.

        • Kamen means “masked.” While Samurai was on the air, Saban copyrighted the name “Power Rider,” and pretty much everyone assumed they were gearing up for another attempt at adapting Kamen Rider. Nothing has come of it yet, except for April Fools jokes adjusting their “OMG American Kamen Rider script leaked” titles.

  1. guys, could anyone tell me why the hell are kamen rider fighting each other, and what is up with the showa rider will not work with hisei rider…. even though the past few movies, they have been together..

    Or are we supposedly to say fk you to the previous continuity where they even said that riders should be helping each other?

    Even all these time, i just couldnt figure out a motive, and the 1 hour trailer didnt help either..

  2. What if the Overlords are the characters from a future/alternative Earth? DJ Sagara’s Overlord is just DJ Sagara from that world. Creepy!Mai is that world’s Mai.

    ..Meaning that Green Overlord is Micchy, and Red Overlord is Kaito.

      • Or maybe DJ Sagarai is a Blue Overlord, and the three overlord are the winner of previous helheim war.

        Or DJ Sagara is actually Kouta from the future.

        Wait, no. It didn’t make sense….

  3. So would you guys like a rip of KR Gaim Blu-ray vol. 2? I just got it in the mail today (up to volume 7 pre-ordered, along with a “Making Kamen Rider Gaim DVD”).

  4. so I noticed when sargra was appearing to the over lords his projection took on the form of a snake…fitting since he is so worried who will eat the forbidden fruit. It’s pretty clear he is an overlord he can speak their language and the green one seemed to know him.

  5. Hi Aesir


    I think I would like you to note about this

    According to chinese fan subs (which i believe to translate from some official japanese subs, correct me if im wrong)

    They seems to have subtitles for non-japanese speech between Inves and Sagara, as well as when Gaim was beat up.

    Example of that scene where sagara appear as a snake:

    sagara: i see u guys still feeling sick about being bored….
    sagara: as always (japanese)
    overlord A: so its you, you snake bastard….
    overlord B: so you have transformed into the looks of “those things” (referring to humans)
    sagara: let me teach you one phrase
    sagara: don’t let your guard down or you’ll regret it (japanese)

    Just like to bring to your attention. Did the Japanese broadcasting station actually broadcast official subtitles that happen to have hidden such dialog?

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