38 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 22

  1. So after the next episode which will have Gaim have his new arms it will be the one-hour special with Toqrger, are you planning to work with Over-time to do this, or will one of you post in the site for fansubbed?

  2. Oh.. damn you Urubutcher… until now we still can’t blindly write off that Yggradasill is evil. Yes, ethically what they’re trying to do is wrong, but… is there a right thing you can do during an apocalypse scenario??

    • It’s still a stupid plan. Seriously, they’re buying a generation of relative safety(What do you think happens to the kids of the survivors, huh? Slap a driver on a baby? Yeah, that’ll work.) at the price of 6 billion lives. It’s a bad deal and there really has to be a better plan. You can try working on domed cities within Helheim itself, running on hydroponics for the people who don’t have drivers, in order to avoid all your crops being rooted out by the Invess. You could get off your damn high horse, because I can see plenty of abuse of the power from Yggdrasil already, and let people know so you can get ALL the world’s resources to work on this instead of just ONE megacorp’s. I don’t care how big they are, just getting the next 9 biggest corporations on it would give a significant increase here, let alone getting ACTUAL militaries in on this, who’d probably improve the damn thing.

      • Even beyond the logical options above, let’s not forget that this is a universe in which exists numerous other Riders, and at least a few of – but probably all of – the various Sentai. A veritable army of badass superheroes. Throw in the Space Sheriffs by extension (lumped into the universe via GoBusters for those who forgot) and you get to a point where any villain with any sense would stay the hell away from Earth. There’s so much superhero manpower on or related to Earth that nothing short of a force of nature could even hope to triumph, and there’s some evidence to suggest Helheim’s advance isn’t mindless (the girl we haven’t seen in ages, the red lancer-commander Invess).

        That said. They kinda did explain why simply telling everyone would end badly. It’s pessimistic but reasonable. Though that still doesn’t rule out a coalition of big companies or looking into domed cities or several other possible alternatives to the well-meaning but pretty bad plan they’re using now.

        • I’m not sure that this is taking place in the same universe as the other Riders though.

          As for their reasoning, I’d take it more seriously if they weren’t being completely hypocritical about it. Frankly, yes there will be abuse but that’s balanced against the lives you might be able to save. I’d say it’s worth it.

        • To say nothing about the massive impracticality of fighting off EVERY ANIMAL ON EARTH becoming an Inves, with only 1 billion Riders? This plan is so ridiculously shortsighted I’m pretty sure the mind at fault is Urobuchi, because while I have no doubt he wanted Yggdrasill to be wrong, but I can’t imagine any reason he would intentionally want them this DUMB. (Especially when this exceptionally obvious flaw in their plan goes completely unremarked upon, even though “animals become Inves” has been explained to Kouta MULTIPLE TIMES at this point.)

          • It’s possible that Urobuchi’s target demographic for this show is children and others who won’t spend time complaining on the internet about potential flaws in a plan that was only detailed within the show for a few seconds.

            Seriously, for example, it’s totally feasible that they could kill all the animals they needed to if they have weapons for levelling entire cities and wiping out 6/7 of the world’s population. If you want to complain about plot holes and inconsistencies, pretty much everything from using kids as test subjects to Yggdrasil being very open with sharing their plans with the show’s cast rings as totally untrue. You’ll find stuff like this in absolutely any KR show. Not to say that reasonably sound explanations shouldn’t be expected, but this is making a mountain out of a molehill.

          • And then there’s another question: can Invess breed and reproduce in some more conventional way? Because if they can, then the Inves from Helheim’s current world could just overrun the billion survivors anyway.

      • It’s indeed a stupid plan because, aside from the mentioned reasons, they ALREADY have a far more efficient solution: freaking FIRE. I mean, it has been already shown that common fire burns Helheim platns, so why the heck not set the whole forest on fire? Slap some guys at the cracks, to not let it spread, and let nature have its sweet way. Even if some Invess survive, most of them would probably end up dying due to lack of oxygen.

        Hell, if they are so inclined to destroy Zawame City, they could throw some nukes at Helheim.

        Sorry if someone has already mentioned it.

        • Well, I did think about that myself, but nukes would require more knowledge about Helheim than we have in order to have them in the right place, assuming Yggdrasil actually has access to that level at all(They’re a research organization/megacorp not a country.), plus it would most likely require a few poor saps sacrificing themselves to make sure that they go off without interference. As for fire, we’d have to make sure we burn it completely, every last plant considering how quickly this stuff spreads, worse than kudzu, and we can’t guarantee that we would have guys at every single crack, as they seem to open and close completely randomly. And that’s not accounting for what the Overlord Invess might be capable of.

          Of course, now that I think about it, I’m starting to think that this isn’t the real plan at all, just what Ryouma and co. have Taka believing is the plan. I mean, we already have it quite clear that nobody respects Taka and Ryouma’s too smart to think this is a good plan, but it’s convenient for him if Taka believes it is.

  3. The right thing to do is risk everyone’s lives to find a solution that may or may not exist and may or may not save everyone.

    • even zangetsu-shin is being slightly over-powered by gaim this episode. sigurd & marika got no way to transform. only duke left.

      • and with Kachidoki, Zangetsu Shin (or “Final Zangetsu” as Aesir call it) should be truly defeated as well.

        Probably Kouta will obtain the Melon Energy Lockseed that way, hopefully that will force Takatora to go back into the old normal/standard Zangetsu when he has to fight again…..and hopefully we’ll finally get a Zangetsu henshin that’s not from the frog eye angle and a finisher involving the Melon Defender.

    • No because they happened only in 2 Decade episodes. This special is taking the place of that week’s episode for both shows, so it counts.

      • Not true, the Decade crossover was in those two weeks’ Shinkenger (Acts 20 and 21) as well.

  4. @swordoath
    Decade and Shinkenger teamed up only in Decade episode. This time, both will team up in a 1-hour special

    • Oh no, only the WORTHY will get drivers. Obviously, as we have never abused their power for our own gain… wait.

      It’s hypocritical elitism. Only the chosen, the best as we say so.

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