30 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 21

  1. Finally changed “Jinba Raiment” to Lemon. That was annoying the hell out of me cuz I could clearly hear it saying “Jinba Lemon”. Now if we could only get rid of the Warring Ryuoma nonsense…

  2. Technically speaking… you should NOT call him “Warring Ryouma” – as names should never be translated… You wouldn’t translate your own name to a different language lol.

    (Example, my friend’s name is Lall Badshah… but i would not call him Red King (Urdu/Hindi translation), well at least if I didn’t want to make fun of him haha).

      • So why not change it? Cause you dont care? I honestly have never had a problem with you guys but your statement just pissed me off. I hope the main translator for overtime never skips another Rider series because we wont see shit like this happening again.

        • IMO, ideally you’d want to just stick to what’s been done, so you don’t alienate or confuse people by changing terms and words as new info comes to light. Having people and things be named differently episode to episode is just ridiculous. They’ve made a call and are sticking to it.

          Best case scenario, is when batches come out, they all get V2’d to change it up. Worst case scenario, they don’t, and move on (like you should!)


          There’s the script, Ctrl+f it and change it yourself.

            • Trust me you’ve been more open to discussion and alternatives like changing the script yourself than other people, and you’ve ranted a lot less (and a lot more mature!) so don’t worry about it.

            • Yeah it’s fine, we know it’s an issue that gets people riled up. But as said above, I think changing something that major mid-series is going to just confuse a lot more people (even if just on a “Why now?” level) than it actually benefits.

              As said, we may well change it back for the post-series batches, when we can look at the show as a whole and figure out what we can improve, etc.

  3. How is this *late*? 2 days after it airs in its native language? Back in the beginning you guys said “it’s done when it’s done” and told us not to expect them on any kind of schedule.

    Stick to your guns!

  4. I screencapped these from the PR vid of the Gaim blu-ray. Perfect for wallpaper usage, eh?

    Uncompressed full-size PNGs here.

    If you guys want to add them as an extra with episode 22, that’s cool me.

  5. So did the red inves appear to be more aware than the rest? The more they reveal the less we know. Also is lemon raiment constantly gaining power ? He cream sid this time and he wasn’t even holding back like before.

  6. Heads up for you guys — at about 19:20, Sigurd says “Your making it harder for us adults to do our jobs!” I’m sure this was just an oversight, but it should be “You’re making it harder … ” Thought you’d want to know.

  7. why would we throw tomatoes at you guys!? you’re already doing us the favor of translating everything for us, I actually want to come to you and kiss you guys (no homo well maybe)

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