Kamen Rider Gaim – 20

Here's what Peco thinks of people saying this ep is "Monster of the Week"

Here’s what Peco thinks of people saying this ep is “Monster of the Week”

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In an attempt to save advertising, an advert was created, but it was far too fabulous. It was deemed “M.D. Advert.”

“Mister Dangerous Advert.”

It was decided that its merchandise should be locked in the vaults of Premium Bandai Online.

But it managed to NEVER GIVE UP.

21 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 20

  1. Why I can’t use Aesir’s patch with GuSTaVauM’ Raw files.
    The Patch is not active since ep.19.
    When I click RUN ME the Dos-Window is open & close in second.

    But Over-Time’s Patch is not problem. It’s worked.

    • I patched with Gus’s raw file. Are you sure the file name is correct? Most of the DDL file names alter it in some way.

  2. Ah so you guys caught the digimon song reference too huh? Kind of funny considering the distorted riff from the start of Brave Heart.

    • …furthermore the music that played during that scene (if we’re talking about the fake Acorn seed from a few episodes back, as I believe we are) is from Bravo’s transformation music.

      • No, I am referring to two different songs here. Both the aforementioned riff(which is mostly affiliated with Oren, but is on ALL of the sengoku drivers after Gridon’s and Kurokage’s, I don’t know about Fifteen’s but odds are it will be have same sounds) and the “Never Give Up!”

  3. So, will the next episode be up soon or are you still adjusting for daylights saving time?

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