DDL Comment Update

Just a quick update for our friends who do DDL uploads for Gaim and our other misc releases. We appreciate all of your assistance in helping those who can’t torrent to enjoy our Gaim releases. However, after looking into the matter, we’re mirroring Over-Time and their decision to block a few upload sites due to malware attacks and pay-for-click nonsense.

Starting now, if you link to or upload to any of the following sites, your comment will be flagged as spam and trashed automatically. Those sites are UpToBox, BillionUploads, SwankShare and RapidGator. (In addition to the already banned Adf.ly links.) As a ground rule, please don’t upload our releases to pay-for-click sites.

We appreciate your help in uploading DDLs and please look forward to another Gaim episode this weekend!

18 thoughts on “DDL Comment Update

      • But the link was’t posted on your site. It just a text pasted on that site. Please that DDL site is useful link for those who have the premium in that site and getting used to the site or maybe they love the site ?

          • You’re the same idiot that got all pissy and cranky when O-T made changes to their DDL’s last time, by making them have to be a comment after the bot post and not in their own separate posts.

            They’ve changed the rules, so you’ll have to deal with it. No amount of whining is going to get you anywhere.

  1. I find Mega works REALLY well for me, so this is fine. Some of those other ones are a pain in the ass to work out where to click with all the fake buttons, ads & such.

  2. I have used Rapidshare a couple of times, and there has never been any problems with it. Even as a free user, the download speed is not that bad. And having a server situated in Switzerland prevents the files from being taken down too easily.

      • these guys just link whoever uploaded O-T or Aesir’s subs to youtube and post it, hardly worth mentioning.

        Also, if you’re streaming, you’re downloading. Streaming doesn’t magically use no data. :/

  3. from my personal experience, these sites (UpToBox, BillionUploads, RapidGator) are okay. haven’t got any malware from them. never try SwankShare though. sure they have these so-called annoying popups. but i can always safely download the file w/out significant issues. just close those dang popups right at the moment they appear, or use add-on that blocks popup ads. most filehosting sites have popups ads nowadays. just be careful not to click something suspicious or you’ll end up downloading something you don’t want. tinker with the download options of your browser so you’ll always have confirmation over the file that you’re about to download. read the dialog box before you hit the “save” or “ok” button. if it’s not the file you want, just cancel it right away.

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