Kamen Rider Gaim – 19

The show's true OTP: Kaito and his little pink bike

The show’s true OTP: Kaito and his little pink bike

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Sorry this episode was a little delayed, we had to spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring that one of Kaito’s lines didn’t sound like a euphemism for buttsex.

This is a genuine thing that happened, and is genuinely why the release wasn’t out earlier. First world fansubbing problems.

28 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 19

    • It’s about 9 minutes in. The final script has:

      “We strike from within.”
      “Using their crack from Helheim should be much safer than a frontal assault.”

      Our original draft had:

      “Attack from their rear.”
      “Slipping in through the Helheim crack should provide much less resistance than a frontal assault.”

      It took us what I will describe as an inordinate amount of time to make it not sound innuendo-y. We flung around a lot of suggestions that’d have made it worse before we got to ones that even started to make it better. It’s just… everything about the line in Japanese became innuendo-y in the process of translation and the individual components were just innocuous enough that it didn’t catch our eye until we actually had ‘subtitles’ as opposed to a script.

      So yeah fun times.

      • You guys should have just left it as is and then added a winky face after “assault.”

  1. And again we’re teased with Helheim’s ultimate secret which will probably still take 2 episodes to be revealed. Aaaaa.

  2. Not that there is anything wrong with buttsex, it does help keep innuendo to a minimum in a show where the writers and cg people seem to have trouble doing the same.

    • Shit, didn’t mean to do that. Something was wrong with my “post comment” button, so I tried to refresh. It didn’t work, so I copypasted the URL. It worked, but I forgot to copypaste my comment, so I ended up putting the URL in, and without thinking, posted the comment.

      What I meant to ask was if anyone else was having trouble with downloading the torrent, because I keep getting a “504 – Gateway Timeout” page.

    • One of the sites you were using to upload (I believe it was rapid-gator *minus the hyphen*) was flagged for malware and added to our blocklist. Because you used it as a link, it flagged your post as spam and wouldn’t submit it.

      I’ll check it again next week and if it clears the malware check, we’ll re-evaluate it being blocked.

  3. Questions for the staff: Can I spell Sengoku like this -> Sëngökü and substitute it for Wärring? Would this work subtitle wise? The Wärring thing is kinda bugging me and I thought Sengoku with umlauts would be a more acceptable alternative to Wärring. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

    • Don’t even bother to ask them. They’re first-class faggot-subber who localize every shit in the show. Wrecking Ball, Warring Ryoma, FUCKING ORNAC

      • Hey, can you not use that word? I mean, seriously. Do we have to stoop that low just because you don’t like how they translate? If you don’t like it, don’t watch their subs. or better yet, sub it yourself!

          • Don’t be a smartass. It isn’t like you’re paying for the subs. And if you don’t like the names? The script is right there. Edit the names to what you feel like. Or, better yet? WATCH ANOTHER GROUP’S SUBS INSTEAD OF BEING A CUNT.

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