26 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 18

  1. I am so very pleased to see all of the comments on screen being subbed, you guys are fantastic.

  2. I have a question to subbers: was it really necessary to translate everything, like Sengoku Driver, Ryuoma Sengoku, Gridon etc?

    • Not a subber or even remotely fluetn in Japanse, but, I’ll try to answer that, anyway. 8D

      From what I understood reading their reasoning, the way Sengoku was written everywhere made it sound like a pun on the word for “Warring States”, in the Japanese equivalent of “Xtremely Kool Letterz”. At the time, there was no character last named “Sengoku” known so no one expected it to be named after a guy. Hence, they used “Warring” and tried to preserve the pretentious-cool-bit? I think.
      Then, dude turns out to actually be named Sengoku, so, they kinda had to put in the connection SOME way.

      Gridon is “Dong(u)ri”, as in, the word for Acorn, anagramized. Since Hase explained the pun in dialogue, it was deemed they oughta preserve it for the sake of the pun. (though personally, I nowadays think it doesn’t flow nearly as well, since “Ornac” doesn’t really sound like it’d evoke the image of an Acorn. Would work better in German, though, where “Eichel” could turn into “Eleich” 8D )

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