34 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 17

  1. It’d be cool if you guys do Tokkyuger. But I think it’ll be for the best best if you guys focus on Gaim and Over-Time focus on Tokkyuger (they are doing it, right?) so that each sub-team can get the job done as soon as possible without being distracted by subbing two shows at the same time

    • agree. just fokus om doing kamen riders. focus on one work, results in faster, higher quality work.

  2. Oren’s rapidly becoming my favourite character in this series. And something tells me Micchy’s going to try and play a long game, only to get outsmarted by Sengoku.

    I need some older KR to hold me over between episodes of Gaim and I’m planning to start from the beginning of the Heisei period. Can anyone tell me where I can get decent subs of Kuuga?

    • Midnight Crew subs did a pretty decent job of it, although they left “henshin” untranslated if I remember right. But other than that it was all good.

      • Yeah, I’ve looked on KRDL and they seem to have the only complete set on there (TV-Nihon’s the only other one and they’ve only subbed half the episodes). I can easily live with “henshin” being untranslated if that’s the biggest issue. Anything else you can remember?

        • That’s it for Kuuga I think, but Gomen Rider did a pretty awesome sub of Agito. I don’t think all the episodes are on KRDL though despite them subbing the whole series, so you might have to search around for a batch torrent. And http://twitter.com/ndasubs this dude’s subbed some of Blade, up the episode 7.

          Unfortunately, as far as I know that’s it when it comes to early Heisei not subbed by TVN. But hey, I might have missed something (and if I have, let me know alright?).

            • Thanks for the link, that could be very useful, even if some episode counts aren’t completely up to date..

          • I’ve heard mixed opinions about TVN’s subs, but they seem to have the largest number of complete sets so how bad/good actually are they?

            Also, am I right in thinking you’re not supposed to understand what the villains are saying in Kuuga? It’s not an error in subbing?

            • TVN’s subs… I personally don’t like them, and usually try to urge people to seek an alternative if they can. But I guess they’re not the worst thing out there, so if you can put up with some of their… Eccentricities, so to speak, then I guess it’s better than nothing.

              And yes, you’re not supposed to understand them. A big part of Kuuga was that the plot was a complete mystery to begin with; you had no idea what these monsters were or why they were doing this, which is why they speak in their own language rather than Japanese.

            • They tend to have japanese words untranslated (with translator’s notes on the top) a lot, and a lot of other stuff. There’s a rather anti-TVN blog on tumblr (http://onoretvn.tumblr.com/) that lists examples. If you check it out you can get a good idea of what kind of stuff TVN tends to do.

    • Well, I might be able to live with stuff like that (like you said, it’s better than nothing), but TVN won’t do me any good right now anyway. I’m looking for a complete Timeranger set, which TVN doesn’t seem to have. I have the first 16 episodes from Over-Time.

  3. well people said to me that people that can understand basic Japanese prefer TVN but of course there are not much of that kind of people and that’s why we have Aesir Subs

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