29 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 16

  1. Bandou-san said: “aint you know that before i was a bee, i used to be a butler to a super jerk defense attorney that was seriously ill?”

  2. Anyone else getting a bit bored of all Energy Riders having those bows? I miss the Arms having different weapons…

    • I feel like Gaim is eventually going to be dual wielding the gunblade and the arrow.
      Similar to OOO in the final episode.

  3. Just curious on how much localization you guys do on yours subs. I watched the first few episodes and my friend told me the subs are like reading a script to Power Rangers and that some things are way off…

    • They make an effort to have the subs emulate the ‘feeling’ that Japanese people would have, and that does result in localization as opposed to directly translating. For example, puns that would only make sense in Japanese get turned into American equivalents. For one of the bigger examples: Armored Rider Gridon’s name is Ornac in the subs, the intention being to keep the pun in without having to rely on translator’s notes and the like.

      Personally I don’t always agree with their decisions, and I kinda wish they’d document those localizations a bit more (for a large part because I just find it interesting to read about their train of thought regarding translation decisions) but aside from that I feel the subs are of pretty good quality, and they’re done crazy fast.
      Of course, not all people are like this, and stuff like Ornac and Wärring has gotten them a bit of flack. It’s all a matter of opinion of course.

  4. well, i just enjoy Wärring and Ornac. not a biggie anyway. as long as i can watch this show happily, and understand what’s being translated, im just okay & happy with it

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