Kamen Rider Gaim – 15

Professor, Sengoku

Professor, Sengoku

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Speaking of Sengoku, if you haven’t seen Gundam Build Fighters, go watch it. Whether you consider yourself a Gundam fan or not, it’s a great show.

Kamen Rider Gaim? Also a good show. Sadly, the use of Samurai and Sengoku are not as widespread in Gaim as in Build Fighters. (Recommended by 3 of the Team Aesir members…we’re still working on getting Caphi to watch it.) (Of all the people to not be watching Build Fighters, the fact it’s the guy LPing a Super Robot Wars game is our personal shame.)

33 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 15

  1. Dear anyone reading this comment who isn’t watching Gundam Build Fighters,

    The kid pictured in that screenshot is a 13-year-old trained ninja with 3 Ph.Ds with enough free time to also build plastic Gundam models.


      • I’m going to release my OWN version of the show where Ryouma is called Wärsöme hakase!!! Lousy TRANSLATORS!

        Oh… wait I have no skills or inclination to actually put in the work to translate and sub the show. Never mind! Thänks ä milliön for all the heard work, even if I respectfully disagree with two choices (and eat up all the rest).

        • First “Ornac” now “Ryouma WÃrring” , what next ? Maybe “BlackShadow” Troopers or Micchy brother will be “EagleTiger” ?? (Just Kidding) Thanks for the SUB anyway

        • WTF dude? Warring Ryouma?
          Seriously this AesirSucks group had gone to another level by introducing this Warring Ryouma thing. Guess we can’t expect much from a group who translated “Uchuu Kita” as “Blast Off”. I still don’t understand why OT agreed to hand over this wonderful show to this group (But if you read the announcement post before, it’s more like the OT translator finds it pointless to have 2 translators from his group to translate the same show, same like Fourze. So you can say that this Magenta guy indirectly made/forced OT to hand over this show to him).

          • Opps sorry to the Warring Ryouma guy before me. Didn’t realize your name was Warring Ryouma until I posted my comments.
            My previous post wasn’t directed to you. It was for the ignorant translator. I share the same opinions as yours.

    • I think the ranting is warranted. Every character’s name can be translated to mean something; in this case, they’re selectively translating a single character’s name to justify their previous translation decision. I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but I also think any criticism of it is justifiable.

      • Don’t you mean Wärranted? Ba dump tsch. But yeah, I agree with you completely, it’s just that it can get quite dramatic around here ahaha

  2. Anyone else notice one of the Kurokage guards escorting Kouta in the beginning seem to be acting a little weird and way too much like some punk ass bully instead of a somewhat trained security personnel?

    • These are just faceless grunts as far as we know but we may soon have a new Kuokage on the beat rider side as Baron snatched up one of the belts that anyone can use.

  3. The only reason I think Ryouma Warring wouldn’t be a good translation is due to the fact that in Ryouma’s case, it’s a last name. Proper nouns usually aren’t translated.

  4. Out of curiousity, What is the origin of the Japanese name for Gaim’s new form, and how does it relate to Raiment?

    • My guess? It’s because of the whole “Jinbaori” thing. Jinbaori is a kind of Japanese clothing, it’s a large vest worn by warlords and high-ranking samurais, and it looks just like the one worn by Gaim Jinba Lemon.
      (it also explain why Jinba Lemon’s mouthpiece looks similar to Bujin Gaim’s mouthpiece, because Bujin = Warlord)

      As for why “Raiment”, I guess they’re just using a fancy word to translate “Jinba”, because “Clothing Lemon” sounds incredibly weird lol

  5. I think everyone has missed the obvious question after this episode…what are we supposed to join on Friday? The movie’s already out, there is nothing on the TV schedule this week, so what’s happening? I was really excited for a sec that they were gonna switch to a better time-slot, but I suppose that’s a pie-in-the-sky idea.

      • Huh, I guess none of my local stations are broadcasting it, because it’s not on the guide. At least reruns are getting a reasonable time slot, I guess.

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