Kamen Rider Gaim – 14

Mitsy: The Unseen Terror

Mitsy: The Unseen Terror

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So, remember last week and the idea of [SPOILERS]? You can pretty much go x10000 for this week. Check out the episode and (while this is always implied) we DO NOT check the comments, twitter or the internet in general for spoilers! Go watch the episode!

31 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 14

    • Has to be specifically encoded and we released while the encoder’s asleep. So yeah, won’t be for a while, but there’s no point holding back the HD while we wait.

  1. So how many episodes till the peach rider dies place your bets. Also the story still hasn’t not slowed down if any thing its gotten more intense each episode. How much longer can they keep this up ?!

      • Nadeshiko died for a bit.
        And aside from her there was at all only Mage. Kinda early to declare trend being averted.

          • Okay, Yuri and Megumi used IXA a combined total of, what, four times? That’s not even half of any of the dedicated users’ transformations. If you’re counting them as IXA users, then Akiko counts as a female Rider for that time she and Shotaro formed W in her dream.

            • Kivaala was movie only as well. Movies are hard to fit into the stories of the show. This was during decade though when they were trying to tie them in more. So I guess it does sorta count? Mage was more of a riotropper thing than an actual kamen rider.

        • Nadeshiko didn’t die. She’s space goo, she was turned into a switch, and then she went about space as her space goo self. End of the movie confirmed that she didn’t die, and then she comes right back in the next movie. Kivala is canon to Decade and doesn’t die. Mayu not only doesn’t die, she inherits Haruto’s position as protector and liaison to Section Zero. And no one can give me the whole “Riotrooper” thing because while Mage was essentially that in the movie, that suit was her own in the show. Considering that New Den-O is seen as a completely different Rider even though his suit is just a tweaked Climax Form suit, I’d say that counts. Yeah, I’d say the trend has been averted. Every female to ever don a Rider suit ever, since Hibiki, has lived. Heck, I’ll even throw Amaki from AU Hibiki World and Larc from Diend’s World in there.

          • Oh, another thing about Mayu. She was in the opening of Wizard since the beginning, so I’d say that also qualifies as her being way more than a Riotrooper.

  2. So Urobuchi’s “trap”… Turned out to be the thing everyone had already guessed from episode one? Oh well… Awesome episode anyway, so I can’t complain.

  3. My theory now is that DJ Sagara is going play the sympathetic card and tell Kouta to rise up against the corporation hence the “Glory” moniker from EP1 while Ryouma is probably going to imply that if he hates the corporation so much he should just use the power to get rid of them, hence the “Burden” ??

  4. … Was I the only one to NOT see the Yuuya twist coming? That was harsh. Then again, Urobuchi…

  5. Anybody else excited by the Showa vs Heisei trailer at the end? Looks like they got the original actor for Faiz, wonder who else original they got?

    • well, they got original actor for decade & double – tsukasa & shotaro… if im not mistaken, original actor for kamen rider x will also be reprising his role in this movie…

  6. here’s hoping that ep15 (especially SD) will come out as soon and as fast as possible… love Aesir’s sub!

  7. Would someone be kind enough to post me a link to the patch for this episode? Thanks

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