25 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 13

  1. Holy bananas that was a crazy episode. What did we learn today ? 1. getting your belt destroyed causes withdrawal( I imagine not using it does to) 2.locks are interchangeable but gaim looks awful as banana. 3. Don’t eat strange fruits you’ll turn into a freak. 4. Oren is a coward and faced with any real challenge he will run I wonder if he did that in all those wars to ?

    • 1. More like drunk with power he was a broken man as he tried to seek it out again.
      2. At least we didn’t need to wait for a Teribikun special DVD to see it.
      4. There’s nothing wrong about running away to fight another day.

  2. actually the way he was acting and hallucinating are all signs of withdrawl from powerful drugs. There was more than a broken man here.

    • I agree, maybe the Sengoku Driver’s true purpose is to harness the Lockseed’s power without turning into an Invess. Of course, since the original Sengoku Drivers are supposed to be test ones, there are obvious flaws within, like maybe an addiction to transforming.

      If my theory is right, then Genesis Drivers are the final product and energy Lockseeds are like the refined form of the Lockseeds the protagonist use.

  3. Damn…. Over-Time is not gonna sub this Wizard movie? Damn it, why they leave it to you guys to sub it?????? I fucking hate Ornac

    • They’ll probably do it, but I just mean being that it’s partially a Gaim movie we’ll inevitably be doing our own. So don’t worry, your delicate sensibilities shouldn’t have to be too offended~

      • 2 months it’s taken me to find this website (or rather to make a comment on it). Are we going to see an Aesir-Time sub of Gaim & Wizard movie wars?

  4. Today’s episode was amazing. Thank you Aesir for subbing so fast!
    I’m getting hyped for WizardxGaim movie! Good luck!

  5. In ep.10, the portal that Yggdrasil uses to enter the Helheim Forest
    looks strikingly similar to the tree that shows up in Kaito/Mai’s childhood flashback .
    It just looks like they cut open the tree.

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