33 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 12

  1. It feels great to watch a Kamen Rider and can’t wait for next week to come rolling along..

  2. Oh my… the things happening this episode… and next episode… Orobutcher starts work?!

  3. Just a heads up, there’s something wrong with the patch file. It’s looking for [THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Kamen Rider Gaim – 12 [EA1E3B77], but the file name of the raw from Over-Time has underscores instead of spaces. So in case anyone is having trouble with the patch, just remove the underscores from the file name.

  4. I was actually very curious as to whether it was SODA like the drink or “sou da” like そうだ

  5. My ISP wont allow torrent download and free leeching site are not supporting nyaa. so gotta wait for DDL HD mirrors.

    anw, thanks for the great work and happy new year! :)

  6. They haven’t slowed the pace down once yet. Always focusing on the story I think this might be the best Kamen rider we have had in a long time. Bravo also continues to be the creepiest character ever I thought he was going to molest ornac the way he was acting.

    • Don’t let your guard down, they just want us to enjoy the show and then they’ll stab us in the heart by reverting back to the monster of the week!!

  7. Forgive me if I shouldn’t have, but I submitted the HD and SD torrents to tokyotosho.

  8. Forgive me if this has been explained already, but what is your reasoning behind naming the Sengoku Drivers “wärring” drivers? I know it sounds like war, but (admittedly, as a swede it looks sort silly to me with how ä is pronounced) if you wanted to make it seem Norse, you’re off. Wärring is nonexistent in all the Scandinavian/norse languages. Or well, it’s a name, but that wouldn’t make sense in the context. So how come you decided to use that instead of Sengoku?

    • It’s stated in the second episode post, but basically, in Japanese, the goku part of Sengoku is written as ‘extreme’, like ‘XTREEEEME’. Warring refers to the english name of the Sengoku period, the Warring States period. The ä is basically just a heavy metal umlaut that they put in to add the same effect to Warring as the ‘extreme’ goku does in Japanese.

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