Kamen Rider Gaim – 09

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Tactical survellance and “How to Catch your own Inves” on Episode 9 this week.

Just a note on cracks vs rips: Yggdrasill seems to have termed the mysterious “zippers in the sky” as the English word “cracks” while our Beat Riding Heroes are terming them as 裂け目 – which we’re translating as ‘rips’. The term Team Gaim is using is just a description of what they are as opposed to an actual ‘name’ for them, so it’s likely ‘cracks’ will take over at some point once the heroes start figuring out more about the plot.

Enjoy the episode!

13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 09

    • If I was at Toei I wouldn’t know a damn sight near enough English to get the right word anyway. I’m not even sure how we avoided CHIMU BALON.

  1. So . . . that was so fast I had to look at least twice to make sure it wasn’t last weeks episode! Thank you!

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