87 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 07

    • thanks for your well-rationalized and justified opinion

      p.s. i pretty much only translated pierre’s lines this episode and caphi did all the rest so it’s really cute people still think i’m the source of all evil

  1. Hmmm….so there’s just 6 teams left without Kamen Rider…..can’t wait to see next episodes…

  2. Man, [NDA]’s doing a way better job than you guys. What a horrendous degree of localization and butchering.

    • Hey, we welcome competition. NDA’s a good dude and we kind of went into this expecting to be second-fiddle to Over-Time anyway, which ended up not happening.

      Like, it’s cute people think there’s thrones and competition and animosity amongst fansubbers, but really we all have a mutual admiration for the show and each other as people working on it.

      Even TV-N, who we think has really let down this show hardcore, our reaction is more kind of a disappointed “you can do better than this” than “MAN FUCK THOSE TV-N GUYS THEY SUCK”.

        • Because by being open about the fact our subbing style isn’t for everyone, encouraging and pointing people to sub groups more suited to their preferences, and allowing criticism on our blog (even when it’s as completely unconstructive as this) we are clearly walking the path towards TV-Ndom.

          The “these subs aren’t aimed at me and therefore they’re shit” mentality is adorable, really. But we’re all big boys and we’re not going to throw our toys out the pram because people with no sense of perspective act as though localization is the oncoming harbinger of Satan himself.

          You’re welcome to do so yourself, of course. Just be aware it won’t change anything.

          • yeah, because TV-N is clearly nonexistent now

            Seriously, TV-N is a LOT worse than Aesir, yet it is still standing quite strong. Aesir won’t be going down anytime soon.

  3. Ugh… Why does any of the butchering and all matter as long as it’s not done that bad… I just want to watch the darn thing. You guys keep complaining about the butchering and the blah and blah; why don’t you guys just translate it yourself if you’re so good to tell what’s wrong and what’s right. There’s so much sarcasm and hostility here that my dog can sense it right next to me across cyberspace.

  4. Ok Seriously? you Aesir guys Really wanna keep forcing your Ornac shit into the shows dialogue when even the Announcer says Guridon? this is some bullshit.

    • The name is a pun on Acorn, which they also translated. It keeps the joke relevant.

      Also wouldn’t really call it “forcing” since, y’know, they provide the script file for people to edit to their liking. And don’t even for a second try to argue that it’s too much work, because all you do is open it in Notepad – a program all computers have by default – and choose “find and replace”. Few seconds of typing. You’re done.

      There is no problem here and you’re all being whiny as fuck. I didn’t realize fans were this fucking insane about translation choices until now.

      • But dude, that a whole thirty seconds (or less) of minimum possible effort!! Why can’t Aesir just cater to /my/ personal tastes of whats wrong/right in fansubs instead?!

  5. I say go big or go home, you wanna adapt stuff like Ornac, might as well make shit up like Duriangerous and go all out

    • Well, the reason they translated it was pretty evident in Ep. 6, though I think the WAY it was translated could’ve been done better. Like, an anagram where it makes “click” in the head and you say “Ah, sounds like acorn, almost.”

  6. Thanks for the subs, guys. I really appreciate it, especially considering the amount of undeserved shit-flinging going on.

  7. Aah, pierre is easily the best character. My smelly husband. <3 And man, get your shit together Mouryou

  8. Yeh, fuck you guys for providing free subtitles to a show I wouldn’t be able to understand without!

      • People are allowed an opinion yes but it’s starts being wrong if you force your opinion onto others using harsh language and force. If you start dissing on the free sub, start shitting on it, and tell people “No it’s a bad sub! Don’t watch it just cause a little bit is not to my liking!” Then yes, they shouldn’t voice their opinion ’cause I know there’s a ton of people who would rather not hear it but alas this is the internet and we have a deep, deep troll problem.

      • Nah, I got the joke but the person above me got my feathers ruffled. As you can see, my response is connected to the person above me and not the original post. >3>

  9. Out of curiosity, why do you guys sub Kota’s name Kouta when it clearly spells “Kota” on the sheet of sengoku driver users?

    • Kouta or Kota is the same. The letter “O” in his name is actually ” Ō ” which is equal to “ou”. Same goes with Kaito. It can be spelled Kaito or Kaitou.

    • Japanese, internally, tends to use a slightly different romanization system for its letters than the west does. Kouta is written in kana as ko-u-ta, and whilst Japan is generally fine with turning “ou” into “o” or “uu” into “u”, it can sometimes cause weirdities if you drop those trailing ‘u’s (there’s a word “yuuutsu”, which is broken up as “yuu-utsu”, that’d get very confusing if you start playing about with how many ‘u’s are in it)

      In response to geboom above, though, the Kaito in this show is just Kaito. You do sometimes see Kaitou abbreviated to Kaito, but in this case it’s the same “to” as in words like “Hokuto”, and not an abbreviated ‘tou’.

  10. You guys are doing a great job! Your translations are logical, character-based, clever, and comprehensible. You translate more like professionals than almost any fansub group out there.

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Let the haters freak out over your translation choice of –literally– one word.

    • It’s technically a couple of words and some of their phrasing and puns but they are doing pretty well other than a few odd but changeable choices. Besides, most people should be capable of changing things slightly in their head if they don’t agree with it. I.e. someone says the exact words for I like toast but it’s translated as I like cooked bread, if you don’t like it mentally change it back to toast.

  11. So Sengoku driver is named after Professor Sengoku Ryoma (at least that is my theory). No wonder. And he call Takatora without any honorific. Wow. Just wow.

    And Rat reminds me of JK of Gaim.

  12. Wrecking Mode? Gosh, seriously?
    Translator, are you sure Odama = Wrecking? Is it somekind of Japanese wordplay? Or is this the “localization” you’re so obsessed with? If it is the former, then please pardon my rudeness; If it is the latter… Wow I think the fans deserve some better translation…

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the cafe owner is working for Yggdrasil too.
      inb4 Yggdrasil are funded by Foundation X WMGs on Tvtropes.

    • Oodama literally means “big ball”, but I think I can say with some certainty that lumping a Rider with a “Big Ball Mode” is perhaps going a bit too far down the route of Pierre’s fetishes.

      In the end we thought a wrecking ball was suitable imagery for what it’s going for. Oodamas as a thing don’t really exist in Western culture (they’re specifically a school playground toy which is a massive ball young kids have to work together to push around) so we thought a wrecking ball was a suitable equivalent Massive Sphere You Wouldn’t Want To Get Hit By. That it behaves like one, literally just flying around smashing through and destroying whatever is in its way, was kind of the icing on the cake.

  13. Not sure how my comment ended up as a reply but like a bucket of water flying on toast it is a great mystery

    • Oh, hey, by the way Magenta . . . you are well loved by those of us who enjoy your work – so keep up the good work and do it because you love it and nevermind what others say.

  14. Don’t let an obnoxiously vocal minority put you down, guys. You’re doing great so far, and this has easily become my favourite series since Double. Thanks for all the effort you’re putting in, too. Even though I’ll always call him Gridon, I understand why you went with Ornac, and it’s kind of hilarious to see people throwing hissyfits about the fact that you actually tried to preserve the spirit rather than the letter of the original Japanese, which honestly makes you better than most fansubbers out there. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! I think honestly there’s just a mentality of distrust amongst the toku fandom after the gradual realization they weren’t able to trust the early TV-N subs they’d been watching. The “spirit” of the original is such an intangible thing that the letter of it is about the only objective way they have of knowing whether or not to trust their subtitles at this point, and any sub that isn’t true to the letter is treated with the same degree animosity and distrust reserved for TV-N by certain parts of the fandom.

      All we can do is make the subs we want to make, in the hopes that we can serve the people who are still willing to put trust in their translations, I guess!

  15. Those who think this is bad subbing seriously need to go see that Madoka Rebellion camrip…

  16. I’m one of those wackos that actually enjoy your subs for Gaim, Magenta. I’ve said this before, but my little (at the time) niece really got into OOO and Gokaiger, and without properly translated shows she would be lost and asking every few minutes what this word or that word meant, instead of making the correlation with what she’s hearing on her own and learning a new language while being entertained.

    Yes, it’s a matter of personal preference, and yes you can always edit the scripts however you like. Personally, I think Sengöku Driver is a fine substitution if you’re so inclined. However, don’t throw vitriol around at these guys and I mean any group. They put in a lot of hard work for this hobby, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

  17. Wait wait wait, people are getting UPSET over localization? How is this even fucking possible. I don’t speak Japanese, only the translators do, so they do their job to translate for us to understand. There are so many fucking translators notes and untranslated words on other fansubs that it’s almost fucking unwatchable. Or would you cocksmears rather have “Oh Kouta-san-sama-sempai-kun-oneechan”? You guys can fuck right off.

    Ps: I was a little mad about the Ornac thing, because his name was Guridon, but now I like it just to spite you “original spirit” guys.

  18. So I guess you guys are gonna sub the Professor who made the Driver as Ryoma Warring now?

    because we now know, the belt is technically named after Ryoma Sengoku. the one who made it, not only because it’s Sengoku themed show.

    just my 2 cent

    anyway, love your work guys…

  19. I’m far more concerned over changing the name of the Driver, considering what we now know of the origins of it’s japanese name, than I am about Ornac/Gridion. The latter is just to preserve a joke, but the former actually mucks up a small plot point…

    • Well the thing to our minds is really that, like… you can look at it from the perspective of “it’s called the Sengoku Driver because it’s named after the character Ryouma Sengoku”, but I think that does it a disservice. The way that this particular Sengoku is spelt in kanji is written so oddly, and so obviously to evoke a certain meaning – and is so just flat out not a spelling that would ever be used as an actual name in real life – that it seems fairly obvious that they wanted to name it that, and then created a character named that in the show to justify the existence of the odd name within the story.

      So with that in mind, we have the choice of keeping the name intact and robbing the belt name of some of its layers of meaning, or breaking that connection slightly. Our logic is that the meaning of the belt’s name is more important to the show and its setting than ensuring it has the same name as The Tech Guy, especially as we can probably draw that connection out in dialogue anyway.

      • meh….
        anyway… I still think you shouldn’t translate Gridon name though….

        I don’t mind about the belt, or the lock seed getting translated….
        but names is kinda out of the line…
        you wouldn’t want to translate Takatora to Eagletiger right?

        Don’t get me wrong, I love your work guys… but to be honest, only the ornac thing is kinda pain in the ass to see… and I’m just too lazy to change the script…

        so yeah… if you could change it back to Gridon, I would be so thankful :D

        I mean, we get the joke and pun about acorn and else in ep6 already….
        so please… :)

        • The name doesn’t cease to be a joke beyond this episode. Plus, there is a difference between translating a character’s given name and their Rider name, which is more like a title if anything.

  20. Looking at all the bitching about localisation makes me think that maybe ignorance really is bliss. I just came to Aesir because you happened to be the ones that Over-Time mentioned would be subbing Gaim. I don’t know anything about the specific fansubbing groups or correct translation, I’m just glad that I can watch this series in a way I can understand.

  21. You’re doing fine. I see some oversight on the way your translations hold up over time when literal names become relevant to other things and your translations don’t cover that as directly (we can blame this on Urobuchi, probably), but your translations are still perfectly fine as long as you make up for that in your translation notes or in your treatment of the dialogue. I’m sure you don’t need anyone else telling you that your translations are still accurate and suitable, since you know yourself just how accurate they are, but here’s some support from a fellow fansubber. I still recommend my friends here for Gaim. Keep up the good work! =3

  22. Looks like I’m sticking with Aesir after looking at all my other options in fansubs. While NDA keeps Gridon, they translate a few things far too literally for my tastes.

  23. Hey, I read somewhere, the toy version for Mango Arms didn’t shout “Knight of Hammer” but “Fight of Hammer”. You may need to look it again (I’m pretty sure I heard “Fight of Hammer” too in the preview).

    Keep the good work!

  24. So,….any bets for final plottwist boss fruit seed?

    I would say apple because of the whole “forbidden fruit” vibe

  25. Thanks for subbing Kamen Rider Gaim keep up the good work.

    PS I feel sorry for you guys you work hard every just to have lots of bad comments. Well here is something positive for you.

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