106 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 06

    • Conifer cones aren’t really nuts, but nuts are also actually fruit. Real nuts that is, not counting things like the peanut. Botany is neat.

      Lots of cones are very berry like at certain stages of their growth. Juniper berries are probably the most famous.

  1. What’s “Ornac”? I thought the name is “Gridon”? What’s with this sub group?

    • Gridon’s name (phonetically spelled Guridon) is an anagram of Donguri, which is the Japanese word for “Acorn”. Ornac is an English equivalent to that name pun.

      It’s a fair translation choice, clever too, although I personally feel Gridon is more accurate – The official site spells it as Gridon in english text, dropping the U that would make it an anagram of Donguri. So it’s moreso a name INSPIRED by an anagram.

      The small bit of english text in the top left corner of the image is the official spelling.

      • It’s a failed translation. When I see “Ornac”, I wonder more on “Why the hell it’s not Gridon?” rather than “Oh Ornac & Acorn ahahahaha nice pun”. TVN is not translating anything; now Aesir is translating EVERYTHING!!

  2. I just wish this group stops this kind of unnecessary translation. It’s like you’re translating Kamen Rider Kuuga into Masked Rider Self-Clear or Kamen Rider Den-O into Masked Rider Train-King. It’s really unnecessary.
    Yea I will stop complaining now it’s free fansubs I can go for TVNihon if I’m not happy bla bla bla

  3. The translation for Gridon was unnecessary. Sorry, but you can’t get around the fact that they are calling him ‘Gridon.’ That is the official rider name. :/ If you wanted to explain the pun, you could have put it in the foot notes, or even explained it here in the post. :/ I just don’t see it as an accurate translation.

    However, I still want to thank the team for their hard work. I just think this was a bad call, is all.

  4. Huhu Ornac xD
    Please stick to Gridon. Or are you guys going to translate Zangetsu as Armored Rider Slaying Moon no?
    Good work on the subs, just this one can’t be left aside, it’s a Kamen Rider name after all :3

  5. Question — if team Gaim didn’t explain “Gridon is Donguri lol!” or that it is never explained in the show at all, will you guys go with Gridon or Ornac?

    Thanks for the translations, as always.

    P.S. And thanks as always for the softsubs, too. You guys who didn’t want to see Ornac can change it into Gridon in less than a minute if you choose to.

    • We went into the episode expecting that if they named themselves, we’d translate Kurokage and leave Gridon. That line did force our hands into translating Gridon, and we decided in the end that it’d be safer not to translate Kurokage as we’re honestly not sure if that name is meant to sound stupid in the context of the show. Also he’s a ninja pinecone with a naginata, so him having a Japanese name is pretty sound from a flavor perspective.

    • What I don’t get, and I rewatched the intro of Gridon and Kurokage with Aesir’s subs, I don’t see any line where Team Gaim mention that Gridon is an anagram or “Gridon is Donguri” or whatever in the subs. They just mention that it’s terrible…

      To me, I didn’t realize that Ornac was a pun of Acorn, I just knew that “it was a terrible name and the character hated it” which would’ve been the same impact if Gridon was used… There was no clear indication of a pun happening…

      • I rewatched the scene myself because I definitely remembered there being a mention of it (I mean, that’s why they subbed it as Ornac…), and Team Gaim’s members say “Ornac? Is he kidding?” “Like, in “acorn”?” (and then they call it terrible, yeah). So they don’t explicitly say it’s an anagram, but they definitely do mention acorn/donguri in relation to it!

  6. It’s easily changed with the softsubs, so I’ll live. I would just be curious as to the reason for “Ornac” when Kurokage is left intact.

    • It’s pretty simple; The dialog specifically talked about where he got the name “Gridon.” It would have looked weird and inconsistent to put “Gridon? Like as in acorn?” so the quick and painless way around it is to just translate the name.

      Personally, I would have preferred them to leave it as Gridon, especially since they left Kurokage’s name alone in the same breath, but I get why they changed it.

  7. Not really sure why the translation of Gridon, yes its a pun but I really dont think we need to be translating rider names. Before someone tells me blah blah free subs, I I’m quite entitled to voice my opinion, whether its changed or not.

    • +1
      Absolutely. Some people just can’t accept opinions and kept being too defensive.
      Well it’s internet and no point arguing further…

    • I wouldn’t mind the translation of Gridon to Ornac if it was consistent with other Rider names. Ryugen could be Dragun for instance, translating Kurokage to Blackshadow, etc

        • Correct, yeah. Ryugen’s name is taken from “Seiryu” and “Genbu”, two of the gods from Chinese/Japanese mythology. The explanation Sagara provides as to his name isn’t even etymologically accurate as to what his name means, which is super goddamn weird.

  8. download the ass file – open it (notepad works) . . . do find and replace Ornac for Gridon . . . save . . . mix . . . done.
    oh . . . thanks for the work (yours and mine) feels like I’ve just joined the team!

    • It does only work for MKV, but you can easily convert MKV into AVI with a converter. Though it’s honestly a huge headache down the road, as Gridon is going to be in multiple episodes and god only knows how much his name will be used. I mean, if it bugs you that much, do it – but if not, just overlook the name. Just know if you sign on to continuously change the name you’ll be in it until either the end of series or until Gridon’s death. And even then there are flashbacks…

  9. Well, I understand you guys effort to translate every word into english but, Ornac just don’t fit. So maybe next episode you guys change it back into Gridon or Guridon? Its ok, let your fans learn a bit one of two japanese word won’t hurt right? Acorn = Donguri

    • It’s the same thing though. Gridion/Guridon = Ornac. It’s the word “acorn” being chopped up and rearranged into a really dumb name, which is the joke. If you really want to learn Japanese, I wouldn’t rely on fansubs to teach you a language.

      • I see what you’re saying here, Fast – but at the same time, this could have easily been discussed in a footnote of this post, or even as a little footnote in the episode. Gaim is Gaim. Ryugen is Ryugen. Kurokage is Kurokage. Gridon is Gridon. While yes, they make fun of his name in the initial episode, that does not change the fact that his official name is Gridon. While Gridon and Ornac may mean the exact same thing – his official name is Gridon and not Ornac. :/ I mean, it’s the official name, why change it? :/

      • Just like I said, learn just one or two Japanese word. It’s not that much that it will hurt. I also like this series because it also teaches people the name of the fruits/nuts in Japanese. See, it is not that bad right? And in my opinion, Micchi called his brother Takatora is offensive for me, I mean this is not American household where you call your siblings by his real name. Micchi still have respect for his brother, so just let the translation “nii-san = brother” instead of translating it to “nii-san = Takatora”.

  10. I am confused by the rules of rider vs rider ….when baron was beaten by his lackeys he didn’t lose his locks. But they did when the were beat down. Is this because they didn’t use a class or because attacking baron was cheating? The cross dressing guy is really creepy by the way :(

    • I wonder who’s going to be more, uh, over the top, this guy or the doughnut shop manager from Wizard.

  11. So all the people saying BUT THEY’RE FREE SUBS never complain about TV-N’s translations then, I hope. Same thing, Aesir is being fucking dumb translating a NAME and TV-N doesn’t translate necessary shit. So if you bitch about one, bitch about both.

  12. A fruit gets his fruit? Really? Wow. It’s 2013, can we lose the homophobia please? It’s pretty pathetic to be calling the character a “fruit”, you know?

    • Pretty sure the only person that’s vaguely homophobic here is the person whose first thought was ‘homophobia!’ instead of just having a lighthearted chuckle over a fruit-based joke. That’s usually how it goes, after all, people throw up an outrage to hide their own guilt or insecurities over something, so they try to shame others to make themselves seem morally just.

      • it’s doubly hilarious when i edited that little quip in, as the group’s resident fruit.

        Like I am about as camp as it is possible to be, I call Pierre that as the highest of compliments.

      • No. It’s usually the guys who say “lighten up, it’s just a joke!” about such remarks that are the homophobic ones. We’ll never get rid of prejudice and hateful comments if every time they are made, people like you make excuses for them.

        • Not to mention that the boy who cries wolf is as bad as the wolf himself. People like you are JUST as bad as actual homophobes.

          • ….because they have called people out on their prejudice? Sure, that makes sense. That’s such a terrible thing, to challenge people being offensive. Let me guess, middle class white male, right?

            • So because I have a sense of humor and don’t get bent out of shape over every turn-of-phrase that I see or hear, I’m homophobic. Got it. You should never visit any nation outside of the US, you’d hate it here, with all of our free-willed, open-minded people and lack of insanely sensitive people overreacting to everything.

      • DRDR says “So because I have a sense of humor and don’t get bent out of shape over every turn-of-phrase that I see or hear, I’m homophobic. Got it. You should never visit any nation outside of the US, you’d hate it here, with all of our free-willed, open-minded people and lack of insanely sensitive people overreacting to everything.”

        No, it’s that you think OFFENSIVE TERMS are FUNNY that makes you homophobic. How do you continue to not get that? How dense are you?

        And I’m from the UK, dimwit. But nice try, trying to make it about being American. Xenophobic, much? Your prejudice never ends, does it?

        • So are you implying here that Magenta is homophobic towards himself? How dense am I? Evidently not as dense as the person who equates having a sense of humor with prejudice. Prejudice is backed by intent, not by words. If you weren’t utterly moronic, and mentally clouded by your own self-righteous whining, you’d be aware of that.

          Also, I apologize for assuming you were American. It’s just that I’ve never seen a person from England who was that utterly devoid of sensible, rational thought, and completely up on their own high horse of moral superiority. Usually that’s a common trait seen in butthurt, politically correct Americans.

          But of course, everything that points towards you acting completely irrational and insipid is negated by the fact that you think I’m prejudiced. Convenient!

          • Seriously? Your head is still lodged up your own arse after all this time? Pathetic, man. You keep on going through life spouting your hatred because it’s “funny” and words don’t matter, it’s intent? Right. Go call a black guy the n word, see how much it’s not the words and just intent, yeah? What a tool.

            Make all the excuses you want to justify the prejudice derogatory expressions. Hopefully you’ll be “funny” in front of someone that stabs you and takes you out of the gene pool so you don’t raise any prejudice hateful offspring that thing this shit is funny.

    • Just because a male is feminine doesn’t mean they are homosexual… that’s VERY narrow thinking.
      He could just be more transgendered (like Donuts Shop owner from KR Wizard), naturally feminine (does that kind of word even exist in our current, modern society?) or just who he is, but remain “straight” however that word may be used.

      So… how exactly is this character a homosexual? Did he kiss a guy? Cuddle with one? No? Then get off your high horse with no evidence backing instead of trying to create a problem where one doesn’t exist.

      • “So… how exactly is this character a homosexual? Did he kiss a guy? Cuddle with one? No? ”

        Talk about right over your head. You should aim those comments at the person who called him a “fruit” then, no? Did he kiss a guy? Cuddle? No? So why is he a “fruit”?

        High horse? Really? I challenged the HOMOPHOBIC SLUR of calling him a “fruit”. It was THEIR labelling of him as a “fruit”, a derogatory expression for a homosexual, that I made a comment to.

        Gain some reading comprehension before you try and be smug about something you clearly don’t grasp.

        But hey, you keep on feeling free to use labels like this and justify it all you want so that it’s everybody else’s problem and not yours. Pretty pathetic when you can’t see why what is said is wrong, and not only that, but make excuses for it.

  13. And the over translation continues. Surprised it’s not Ornäc.
    It is somewhat dumb considering you’ve not translated the other Riders names. Your attempt at trying to avoid the weeaboo levels of dumb that TVN do has catapulted you guys to the other end of the bad fan sub spectrum. First the daft belt name change and now this. I don’t mind the puns on attack/transformation names though since they’re not really important but this is a character’s name so it’s a bit too distracting when you hear Gridon but read Ornac. Easily fixed though by individuals but the point of it being a distraction stands.

    • Just had an easier way of explaining the point better come to me. Consider this: your subs are watched by people who are sick of TVN yes? But when someone complains about the subs you tend to say with that stick so firmly up your backsides that this is a free service (not exactly a service) and that there are other groups (a.k.a. TVN) so in other words for a lot of people here it’s a case of watch TVNs bad subs, watch your increasingly worsening subs (even if you justify your changes that justification just isn’t enough sometimes) or not watch at all (which is a pretty shit choice). I myself am sticking with your subs, but if I have to keep changing words each week I’ll grow tired of it.

      So how about this, you ask one of those generous people who are uploading DLLs or someone else to create a version with all the changes people complained about replaced and viola, fixed.

      • I couldn’t make out half of your rant because of how much of a run-on sentence it was. But your issue can easily be solved by downloading the script file, opening it in Notepad, and using “Find and replace”. It’s REALLY not a big deal. It’s just words.

        • You don’t seem to get many of us have shitty computers that can’t play hd media files without considerable lap. Your fix does nothing for us.

            • There is no SD raw for Gaim.

              The hd one posted by OT is the only one I have seen.

              And the SD version of Aesir’s Gaim is a hardsub mp4

              So please be considerate enough to not call people names and fault them for your own ignorance.

      • Considering TVN’s issues are being extremely literal under the misguided assumption that this preserves the intended meaning of the original writing despite it ruining nearly every idiom and destroying character voice, while Aesir’s is that they decided to localize a joke rather than go out of their way to come up with something that could explain Gridon… I don’t think it’s really all that comparable!

        I mean, personally I think it might be a bit much to translate a main character’s name like this. I am totally down with localizing things like the puns in Sentai monster names, etc. but this is a bit further than that. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with their justification. Using Gridon does not make sense given the in-show dialogue about the name; using a replacement that works in English does. Despite their appearance of joking around, Aesir clearly cares a lot about their translating/localizing and aren’t going to hold back on doing it well just because it goes against expectations..And I’m really happy that such a sub group exists, since their views on localization seem to match mine pretty well.

  14. I see there are a lot of comments about this already….but I hate the Ornac name too. Doesn’t have the same flow, weight, or syllables the original and gives me a serious case of cognitive dissonance when I so clearly hear Gridon but see Ornac.

    There was another bit this week that I noticed too where they translated a loanword that was used basically how it is in English….I forget where it was though. It was really quick and in the middle of a long sentence. That practice bugs me too. Overtranslation.

  15. Names shouldn’t be translated. It should “Sengoku Driver” and “Kamen Rider Gridon” because these are names. Also Mitsuzane’s nickname is Mitch/Mitchi not Micchy.

  16. Nice episode of Gaim. I’m going to read some manga now. I wonder what Strawberry Kurosaki or Cherry Blossom Haruno’s doing

  17. Question: Is the group going to keep Ornac for future episodes or go with Gridon later? The joke was funny, but I can’t imagine them poking fun at his name every episode, hence imo the name translation no longer has any purpose.

  18. im a person who downloads the hd torrent but i also convert it and hardsub it with handbrake to mp4 cause it plays better on my com than mkv and so i can put it on my phone. well anyway i changed the subs and then when i converted it, it changed the fonts into white without the black outline and it hard to read in some parts. is there a way to change the subs and keep the fonts?

  19. Thx for your subs, gor with official Gridon please.

    I also wanted to point an error, if you are planning to release batch. 11.53, not “Coupe de Monde”, but “Coupe du Monde’.
    See you guys, much better than TV-Nihon Shit.

  20. So this is one of the most dynamic and well-written Kamen Rider shows in years and people are seriously complaining about one name being translated. Fucking unbelievable.

  21. Guys, proper noun shouldn’t be translated, proper noun are proper nouns, names are names, you don’t translate names, translating proper nouns is a bad translation practice seriously. Try to ask every fandom, translating proper nouns is a bad translation practice. You can translate everything, but leave the proper noun be just like that. Your fans are not that stupid or ignorant. (Don’t really need to mouth feed them). Anyway, merci~

    • When a name has a meaning, and they shove that meaning in your face in the course of the narrative, then yes, you should translate it.

  22. Ugh. I hate most of the people here…. :(
    This will be the last time I read the comments…. Ya’ll are whiney little bitches.

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