Kamen Rider Gaim – 05

We've seen worse competitions, but this is pretty great.

We’ve seen worse competitions, but this is pretty great.

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script | Patch

Not much to talk about in this episode! There’s stuff that might have required a little explanation of our translation choices, but the show seems to have thankfully put dealing with it off until next episode, so we’re safe. Enjoy the episode!

27 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 05

  1. Sweet, out earlier than I expected. Thanks so much for doing these, I’m really enjoying it.

  2. What I liked about Kaito is how he’s been doing everything I’d do in his shoes
    – harvest the hell out of lock seeds in the forest
    – kick someone waiting for a fruit to drop on them!

    • Not only that but it sounds as if he’s been experimenting with what his Rider powers are off-screen. It’s like he’s played Jade Cocoon before- I mean been a Kamen Rider before.

  3. what player is effective for aesirsub hd release…i havent be able to watch hd version bcoz of the intermittent stuck whenever there is intense graphic battle scene…can only watch sd version only…:(

  4. As always – THANK YOU for the effort in doing this for us! It is greatly appreciated . . .

  5. I wish they would’ve just said, In honor of the 10 year anniversary of Kamen Rider Ryuki. We’re going to have a gang of Kamen Riders running around in this series also. I thought Sid said no Armor Rider on Armor Rider battles??? So what’s going to happen to these “Nut” Riders. :D Like Ryuki, are they going to start getting killed now?

    • Actually, he never said that. He just said there needed to be new rules regarding the combat between Armored Riders.

        • Based on the episode one opener, I’m almost certain that was so they could collect Invase to fight proxy fights. Like real Warlords. It wasn’t a restriction on them not being able to fight each other, especially since the race seemed to be a facade for throwing them into Hellheim Forest as per the end of Episode 5.

  6. I so desperately want a rider than fights with his fists so he could say “I’ll turn you into fruit punch!”

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