Kamen Rider Gaim – 04

Magenta thinks he's in love, send help.

Magenta thinks he’s in love, send help.

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A lot happens in this episode that’s pretty surprising. So rather than talk about it, let’s just sit and admire how Hideyasu here manages to be so endearing despite his awful tendencies.

One thing to mention for this episode is the attacks the various riders have. They appear to all be named after drinks: one slash of the belt gives you “Squash”, two gives you “Au lait” and three gives you “spark(l)ing”. This does lead to au lait being combined with fruits it has no right being combined with, but Japan is very rarely sensible in these matters.

Anyway, enjoy the episode!

38 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 04

  1. Japan sure is weird acorns aren’t fruits you’re so silly. Oh well guess they thought it would make a good fit. Also did anyone else noticed the number 11 lock looked completely different than the others it was rainbow colored.

    • #11 is Mango, it’s mimicking the multi-colored look of a mango.

      Also there’s plenty of Lockseeds so far that aren’t fruit. So far, four, acorn included. One of the people in charge of the show said that there would be fruits and nuts as different classes of Lockseeds, akin to how OOO had two types of medals, Core and Cell.

    • The lockseeds aren’t all fruit, they’re seeds or fruit containing seeds. Hence, lockSEEDS.

  2. Yeah 11 was just a mango, they normally have all sorts of colors like that. I guess those years as a produce manager weren’t put to waste! Also if you haven’t had a mango before you should really try them, they’re pretty awesome.

  3. I hate to ask…or be annoying in any sense……but it’s been several hours since the HD torrent was posted, what’s going on with the SD torrent?

  4. You are probably busy and if i were you wouldnt want more job but i want ask if you could pick up shougeki gouraigan serriously this is fucking great show

  5. Is it only me or the mega link for the script isn’t working?
    the gear just keep turning & nothing happens? o_O halp

    • Try another browser, or press Ctrl-F5 to refresh. Sometimes the scripts might not load fully depending on your connection.

  6. Oh snap, the belt’s are a metaphor for adulthood. It’s all fun and games, until you grow up and your life is on the line! And once again the show does exactly what I would do if I was in their position, “Harvest lock seeds!!”

  7. Oh and god knows how many seed locks (which is what the #0 locks look like) did Kaito just pluck out and simply dump on the ground while searching for Class A ones. I wonder if that would come back and bite him since he would be responsible for any Invess mega evolutions caused by those locks.

  8. Thanks for doing these subs, really. Also, sorry if it was already talked about (don’t recall seeing anything on your Twitter or the comments), but why haven’t you included Japanese lyrics in the opening? I miss singing along to my toku openings.

    • Basically there’s no room at the bottom for text because the credits come down REALLY low on the Gaim opening, so we can only have one set of words up at once – Japanese lyrics, or the translation. I was planning to make them alternate, but I wanted to ensure the meaning of the lyrics had been suitably drummed into people’s heads before we took it away from people, and considering the show’s going off-air next week now’s probably not a good time.

      So I figure we can start about ep 6-7 or so, perhaps.

  9. Reblogged this on furahasekai and commented:
    Di episode kali ini Gaim dengan mode pine arms di hajar Zangetsu mpe bikin dia despair. Mitsuzane yang merupakan adik dari Takatora (Zangetsu) pun muncul sebagai Ryugen. Kyaaa~… episode kali ini pun ga kalah seru (>,<)/ ayo tonton!

  10. My current amusing thought (perils of working retail around a holiday):
    Pumpkin Arms / Trick or Treat! / Armored Rider Jack

    Could see it as an ad campaign item thing.

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