Kamen Rider Gaim – 03

Sagara is a sarcastic doof, and we love it.

Sagara is a sarcastic doof, and we love it.

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As you can see above, we thought we’d translate the rankings screen from Sagara’s show this ep. It shows us the field and all the teams in Gaim, and gives as an idea of what we can expect from them.

Souten means “blue skies”, by the way, and “Mouryou” basically means ghosts and goblins and nasty creatures. So there you go.

Enjoy the episode!

38 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim – 03

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  1. Great job with the episode. :) I like that they’re mixing it up a little bit with Kouta being kinda flippant and it coming back on him. I also like that there was a moment of, “Ba-bana-BANANA?!” when Baron makes his debut.

    I’m seriously loving this season. I hope it keeps up this energy!

  2. Thanks for the great work, guys. Btw, I’m currently planning a video review of the series, episode by episode, and I was wondering if you’d mind if I referenced/linked you and/or used some clips of your subbed works in the video.

  3. Boy kouta flip flops so much doesn’t she first she is mad because he quit the team to get a job and is acting like and adult. Then she’s mad because he has the belt but it was suppose to be used for the team. Now she’s mad because he quit his job and is using the belt for the team. Girl needs to make up her mind.

  4. Thanks for the upload! But I wanna say something here, should the attack that Gaim and Baron use in this episode is ORANGE SCOTCH and BANANA SCOTCH instead of SQUASH? Because scotch also mean “to cut” or “to score” or “to put an end to”. The narrator also say the word closer to scotch compared to squash.
    Anyway, thank you very much again for your translation effort and for the downloads!

    • Have you taken into account Japanglish always sounds weird? Also, like Christopher mentioned, it seems like we’re running with a juice motive (have you seen the sub rider’s blender driver?) so it’s most likely Squash.

      • I know Japanglish always sound weird, I’m used to it already, but then, Baron have Western motive, so his transformation narrator is in English (not Japanglish like Gaim’s narrator-except for the “Knight of the Spear” part which sounded a bit Japanglish), so if the attack is Squash, it will be pronounced as “Squash” nicely by Baron’s narrator. No matter how much I hear from both Gaim and Baron, it really sounded as “Scotch”
        This is my opinion only, maybe I’m wrong, and the attack name is really “Squash” :)

        • Owh yeah, and another thing, I have listened to the Japanglish version of “Scotch” before, it sounded like “scotch”

  5. And for anyone who cares “Spingere” is the Italian verb “to push”. Not sure why the team called themselves that though.

  6. So they don’t want them to fight each other then? Or are they just blowing smoke up our asses for now?

    • I don’t think anyone has drown so don’t expect a pipe of smoke being rammed up the backside just yet.

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