Smile Precure – 45 Released

oh hi infinite silhouette

oh hi infinite silhouette

HD Torrent | SD Torrent | Script

At this point I’ve TLed the whole series so, uh, wow. I guess this means Aesir actually gets to finish a second show. Kind of weird, actually. Big props obviously go to the Anxious crew without whom none of this would be possible, but I’d like to recline a bit and bask in my ability to conquer my own laziness for a bit.

Aaaaand with that said, here’s a bad episode of a mediocre show. The finale begins now! And awfully. Well, that’s not fair. I had a good laugh at it.

It’s enjoyable to MST3K, I guess.

Enjoy in whatever way you see fit!

8 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 45 Released

    • I wouldn’t say it’s the worst Precure season so far, but I do agree in terms of how they laid this out for the last four episodes, it was just flat out terrible. And don’t get me started on the “upcoming” final episode (when this group and Anxous-Helium get around to posting their take on it).

  1. I’m still wondering where the HD version of All Stars New Stage is… will it be tomorrow? next week? next month? I wake up everyday with the expectance of a child on Christmas and go to bed every night with the despair of a person with terminal cancer.

    • aaaaaaaa I know, sorry. It’s gotten held up in loads of places for various different reasons and hopefully once Smile’s done with entirely we’ll be able to get it out.

      • Congrats on completing the translation process for Smile Precure (still looking forward to the final few episodes from you folks). However, have there been any plans in terms of getting after the Smile Precure movie as well (I do have a feeling that it’s definitely going to be a lot better than the series itself without a doubt)?

  2. Nice to see that you’ve made it through with your sanity intact. Guess this leaves just 5 and Heartcatch as the remaining Precures to-do on here, but I’m sure you’ll be wanting to have a mental relaxation before doing those.

    • 5’s done now, by Zalis over at PCSS, so that’s like not so much a worry anymore. HeartCatch… looks near finished, but I honestly think our 1-38 are pretty unwatchable by modern fansubbing standards, which makes that a lot less ‘done’ than one would expect.

      honestly I’d like to give Dendoh and Bouken/Aba more love, we’ll see how things pan out.

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