Smile Precure – 43 Released



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This is the best episode of the show. There is actual character development, there is an actual fight, there is cool music, excellent shit happens. I do not need to qualify, quantify or give any opinions on what occurs beyond the fact that it owns, because the fact it owns is self-explanatory. I also don’t have to worry about that “best episode!” thing becoming hyperbole or whatever, because while 33/35 are very close comparisons, they don’t quite match up, and while there are still many eps after this, the ending stretch is shaping up to be absolutely fucking awful. I was meant to be touched by 45, instead I just spent the entire episode laughing at it.

So enjoy the shit out of this, which if you have any sense you probably already did watching the Doremi sub, because jesus christ why would you delay watching this ep by 3 weeks what the fuck is wrong with you

As an aside, I did a full translation of Anata no Kagami, the song featured in this episode. It’s on the character song album thingy for Smile if you’re interested in checking it out.

10 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 43 Released

  1. I rather prefer to wait for you guys than for Doremi. I feel Doremi’s dialogs can feel dry most of the time, specially with Akane and Joker.
    Call it loyalty or craziness if you want. People think I’m not that sane anyways.

    And finally, Reika gets the character development she deserves, a pity we had to wait so long for it.
    Also, DAT SONG.

  2. They seem to be forgetting that they have access to a magical library connected to every bookshelf on the planet.

    • To be fair, it’s not like she’s going to be easy to get a hold of in a crisis, even with the bookshelves. Not being able to see her friends isn’t really the big issue (even if that is what the episode was trying to push), her going off to another country would severely cripple them as Precure.

      • Mobile phones are a thing. Time zone differences would probably account for the lack of free time. It’s not like free time is ever a concern for Reika despite her being shown as a hard-worker. Yeah. ACTUALLY WHY DON’T THEY HAVE MOBILE PHONES GEEZ

  3. I’m another one in the Nao camp. While I strongly identify with the overtly self-sacrificial Reika, her and the others busting into bawling…tore me out of the mood because it didn’t seem completely genuine. Nao… God, that’s a situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Majorina was about to KILL several members of her family. Character assassination and rebirth just doesn’t seem as powerful to me.

    That, or well, I think the episode was over hyped for me. Calling it ‘the best’ really set it on a pedestal that couldn’t top 42 for me.

    Still! I enjoyed the episode. …and still think 35 is my favorite episode of the series. XD

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