Smile Precure – 42 Released

remember that one episode of aquarion? good times

remember that one episode of aquarion? good times

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I guess trying to talk about this episode would inevitably end up… *puts on shades* comparing apples to oranges.


But I’m gonna do it anyway so uh, spoilers for the episode’s big moment after the jump I guess.

So like uh, this ep made me tear up when I first watched it. I think it’s a delightful feat of human empathy that even as adults, watching the show for kids and knowing full well they’re not just gonna kill kids on-screen at 8:30 in the morning, the fact that watching Nao break down as she thought it happened manages to induce tears still is just… wonderful, isn’t it, as a thing? I mean, it’s simple writing, I almost was annoyed at the show to start with for getting me with something so ‘cheap’, but I think really it’s just that I don’t expect such sensible writing from this show.

Kids watching it will tear up because they think the kids just died, until the heroes come in to save the day. The adults however will tear up because you can put yourself in Nao’s head, you can imagine what she’s going through and that in itself is just so tragically sad that it gets to you. It affects both age groups in different ways, but neither is more powerful than the other, and neither more valid. It’s just a solid, good moment, that works even if you know that it’s all a ruse.

So uh, good on you, Smile. Anyway, next ep we go from sadness to FUCK YEAH, and it’s glorious.

One thought on “Smile Precure – 42 Released

  1. Okay so, while I admit it’s a good episode and the climax is pretty powerful and all that, I had a pretty large sense of annoyance throughout the whole episode. Akane’s episode was god-tier. Yayoi’s was pretty good even though it was samefagging. But the third time is NOT the charm. Rehashing the same episode several times in a row, simply substituting in each girl’s biggest strengths and weaknesses as human beings…’s a bit tiresome. When I can see in advance pretty much the entire flow of an episode, note by note, it detracts a bit from the final product. I just can’t dig it. If they had done these episodes more intermittently instead of all in a row, I’d probably be a lot more forgiving. But it IS five in a row and I’m just getting tired of seeing the same episode over and over.

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