Smile Precure – 38 Released

omg guys lemme tell you all about my wolfrun x reika femdom fanfic

omg guys lemme tell you all about my reika x wolfrun femdom pegging fanfic

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I wanted to choose a picture so utterly terrible in every facet of what it implies as to adequately explain my hatred of this ep.

I think what makes me hate it most is the fact that, if I really think about it, it’s actually a good episode if you’re the target audience or at the very least more like the target audience than I am. But not being, not having been, and not being the parent of a young girl, I find the episode just an exercise in wanting to punch all the characters in the face.

Also I may be bitter. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t listen to me.

11 thoughts on “Smile Precure – 38 Released

    • Let’s just consider ourselves grateful that Magenta pulled through to help translate this ep. However, I do agree that story wise, this is a extremely low point. All we have to do is get through this group’s take of episode 39 because after that, 40 is where it starts to really turn serious.I get the excuse to pretentiously overanalyze little girl shows and also act like a massive sycophant

      • to be fair about smiles story quality, shoji did state that he wanted the story to be simple. yes the man who wrote one of the most stupid rider storys ever told wants to make a simple story.

        there is no god……..

            • As you can see here (, he’s been writing episodes for quite a while.
              As for the quality, It tends to fluctuate. On one hand, he wrote an episode where Hikari (Dawn) wanted Satoshi (Ash)’s Best Wishes crew to drop their training and go to some random island just to see some Shiny Iwark (Onix); but on the other, he wrote the Best Wishes ep. that was a giant Godzilla parody so, I can’t stay too mad at him.

  1. looking at some of the episodes he did, I remember them being pretty good. though Im surprised that he wrote some plot episodes, like ritchies debut and the first johto gym battle. arent main writers suposed to this stuff? does pokemon even HAVE a main writer?

    • Wow, completely forgot about replying to this. I suppose it’s not an easy thing to answer, though.
      Bulbapedia lists here ( Takeshi Shudo being the Chief Writer for the original series and he wrote certain episodes up until Johto (

      This page ( lists him as “Series construction” until episode 158 (which he himself didn’t write) and a man named Atsuhiro Tomioka (who’s been there from the start ( as “Series organization” from D/P onwards.

      • huh, so thats why. Thanks Brian!

        though it kinda saddens me a bit. Is your show really a show if the man/woman isn’t there to finish it? like with Kamen Rider Hibiki for example, is Hibiki really Hibiki when the people who gave it life are not there to see it to the end?

        But thats just how I look at things though.

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